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Associated Students of Klamath Community College

ASKCC Mission

To empower and support students through diverse activities and events, develop student leadership, support clubs, and communication with administration.


Klamath Community College's Student Leadership Council began working on the Oregon Community Colleges Associated Student Government Certification process in December 2008; the application was submitted April 15, 2009. On April 28, 2009 the Board of Education of Klamath Community College approved the Associated Student Government of Klamath Community College. In May of 2009 selection of the 2009/2010 ASKCC officers was made.


During term, ASKCC holds meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 - 2:50 pm. This schedule may change if there are ASKCC sponsored events on those days.

2013/2014 ASKCC Officers

Robin StrattonRobin Stratton

Robin Stratton
Acts as the spokesperson for ASKCC. Attends Board of Education Meetings & presides over ASKCC meetings. Works closely with administration & students for ways to improve the college experience at KCC.

Brooke SpikerBrooke Spiker

Brooke Spiker
Vice President
Serves as President if there is an absence. Works closely with President, ASKCC Advisor and Dean for Student Services.

Jeannie RuizJeannie Ruiz

Jeannie Ruiz
Takes minutes of all meetings and classes. Keeps record of club information, events and activities sponsored by ASKCC. Updates ASKCC binder for students to be aware of current agendas, spending, etc. (Binder can be found in Building 4).

Bonnie WallaceBonnie Wallace

Bonnie Wallace
Manages all ASKCC funds and funding requests. Can provide funding information for club events or rules and regulations on budget spending

Clockwise from top left: Fawn Gunderson, Renee Dees, Landon Morrison, Cali TillmanClockwise from top left: Fawn Gunderson, Renee Dees, Landon Morrison, Cali Tillman

Cali Tillman, Fawn Gundersen, Landon Morrison, Renee Dees
Represents current ASKCC clubs. Advocates for club events, projects and funding requests. Mentors prospective clubs through club approval process.

Advisor: Kristy English | english@klamathcc.edu | 541-880-2321

Currently Recognized Clubs at KCC
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For more information please contact ASKCC at ASKCC@klamathcc.edu.

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