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At Klamath Community College, we want to support students in making good decisions about potential education and career choices. KCC can ease the transition from high school to community college, from pre-college courses to credit postsecondary programs; and from community college to university or employment.

Whether you are planning to attend college for a few years or you want to build new job skills quickly, KCC offers a variety of programs to prepare students for a range of career fields including Associate of Applied Science degrees, One-Year Certificates of Completion and Career Pathways Certificates.

A Path to Opportunity
Former Student Harry Pfitzer “The Retail Management Program taught me how to see things from a business perspective. I know I’m on my way to a great career, and without the training and skills I received at KCC, that path would be a lot longer. I learned in less than one year many things that it takes people years to learn outside of the classroom.”
Harry Pfitzer

A Career Pathways Certificate opens the door to a solid start in obtaining employment and educational goals. Each Certificate requires just a few courses. Students decide how far they want to go, at a pace that is comfortable for them. The first Certificate gives students a competitive edge when applying for an entry level position in a given industry or career pathway.

A Path to Opportunity

Roadmaps visually show how college certificate and degree completion lead to qualifications required for advanced career opportunities. To view the roadmaps click on the certificate or degree in the program listings below.

To print a roadmap:
  • Click on the roadmap to open it.
  • Hold down the ctrl key and tap the 'p' key
  • Right click anywhere on the roadmap and select print.

Current Roadmaps

+ Accounting
+ Agriculture Science
+Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technology
+ Automotive Technology
+ Aviation Science
+ Business Administration
+ Business Technology
+ Computer Engineering Technology
+ Criminal Justice
+ Culinary Arts Food Service Management
+ Diesel Technology
+ Digital Media and Design
+ Education
+ Health Services
+ Registered Nursing
+ Technical Studies