Welcome to Distance Education

Online Courses or On-Campus Courses?

Similarities to on-campus courses
  • As rigorous as on-campus classes
  • Not self-paced, and have weekly or daily deadlines
  • Start and end in the same academic term as on-campus courses
  • Rules and requirements for withdrawals and incompletes are the same as on-campus courses
  • Have quizzes, exams, projects, assignments, and require the purchase of a textbook(s)
  • Require "attendance." Students must access their online course as early as possible during the first week of the term and complete first week coursework. Completing coursework during the first week lets the instructor know the student is "attending" class. Failure to login and complete the first week's coursework will cause students to be automatically dropped from the course.
  • Course syllabi are just as important, if not more so, than on-campus courses

Differences from on-campus courses
  • Accessible anytime, 24/7, and anywhere you can connect to the internet
  • Require more self-discipline to successfully complete
  • Offer more interaction with coursemates and instructors through discussion forum posting/replying
  • There is a $21.50 per credit fee for each Distance Education class.

Are online classes for me?

Online classes aren’t for everyone. To help you decide whether you are a good candidate for taking online classes, see the web page Are Online Classes for Me?

What classes are being offered online?

To see a list of online classes, go to the class schedule on the KCC website and choose a term.

If no online classes are listed, the schedule has not been finalized. Please check back later or contact Distance Education at 541-880-2374 or DistanceEducation@klamathcc.edu.

How do I register?

Read more at Getting Started with Online Classes.

KCC offers online (distance education) courses, degrees, and a certificate in fulfillment of its mission to provide accessible, quality education and services in response to the diverse needs of the students, businesses, and the community.

Online courses provide opportunities for students to take classes from anywhere, and allow education to take place around busy schedules. Online courses require self-motivation to complete the coursework on time, and the ability to communicate with coursemates and instructors in an online fashion.

To find out if Distance Education courses will work for you, please read through the information provided here and on linked pages.

Please Note: There is a $21.50 per credit fee for each Distance Education class.