Are You Ready for Online Classes?

Please take the following assessment and use it as a tool to help you determine if online classes are right for you.

If you have questions, feel unsure after taking the assessment, or would just like to discuss online classes further, please contact Pat at:

KCC Distance Education
Pat Hockersmith, Director of Distance Education
Phone: 541.880.2328

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1. I plan to take courses online because:
I took one before and liked it.
I'm interested in online classes and I have the time to take one.
I need the class to graduate (or for a job), and I can't fit the on-campus class into my schedule.

2. My need to take this online course now is:
High – I have to take it now!
Moderate - I could take it on campus later or take a different course
Low - It's a personal interest that could be postponed

3. I am someone who:
Often gets things done ahead of time.
Needs someone to remind me to get things done on time.
Puts things off until the last minute

4. I think I am:
Independent, motivated, and organized.
Motivated, but I need someone to encourage me at times.
Impulsive and not too disciplined. I need someone to motivate me and help me stay on top of my coursework.

5. I can devote ________ of uninterrupted time to an online class.
12 hours or more per week, anytime during the day or night
9 - 12 hours per week, mainly at night
Less than 9 hours per week

6. My job and personal schedule allow me:
More than enough time for an on-campus class or an online class
The same amount of time for an online class as it takes for an on-campus class
Less time than it takes for an on-campus class.

7. I have dropped a college class after the term has started:
More than once

8. Feeling like I’m a part of the class is:
Not very important to me
Moderately important to me
Very important to me

9. Discussing the subject of a course lesson is:
Important. It helps me learn the information presented in class. I almost always participate in class discussions.
Somewhat important to my learning. I sometimes participate in class discussions.
Not very useful to me. I don't usually participate in class discussions.

10. In-class discussions that the instructor leads are:
Not necessary for me to understand what I have read.
Helpful to me sometimes.
Almost always helpful to me.

11. Concerning technology, I have:
A computer at home, Internet access, and an e-mail account.
Regular access to a computer with Internet access, my own e-mail account and I have permission to download files.
No computer or e-mail address.

12. When I need to or am asked to use new software, smartphone, or some other technology that’s new to me:
I look forward to learning new skills
I feel apprehensive, but try anyway
I put it off or try to avoid it

13. My technology skills are:
Very good. I can use e-mail, web browsers, word-processing software, and can download files and create attachments. I like trying to solve technology problems on my own and don't get frustrated easily.
Average. I can use e-mail, Web browsers and word-processing software. I don't feel comfortable solving technology problems on my own.
Basic. I have used e-mail, Web browsers and word-processing software, but I get frustrated when things don't work the way they should.

14. Which statement about learning best describes you?
I look for opportunities to learn new things and master new technologies.
I get nervous with new technology, but I like to learn.
I avoid learning new technologies.

15. When I need help in class:
I feel comfortable asking questions and asking for help.
I’m reluctant to ask questions of the instructor, but I will ask for help if I need it.
I feel intimidated when I have to ask questions or get help

16. When it comes to analyzing class materials and expressing my own opinions about them I feel:
Confident; I can analyze class materials and formulate opinions on what I've learned.
A bit nervous; I can sometimes analyze class materials and form opinions but it is a struggle for me
Like I would rather do this with a group guiding me; analyzing material is not something I do well.

17. When an instructor hands out directions for an assignment, I prefer:
Trying to follow the instructions on my own, then asking for help if I need it.
Figuring out the instructions myself.
Having the instructions explained to me.

18. I need instructor comments on my assignments:
Within a few days, so I can review what I did.
Within a few hours, or I forget what I did.
Right away or I get frustrated

19. Face-to-face communication is:
Not essential to me. I am comfortable learning without face-to-face interaction.
Important to me and I wonder about my ability to learn without being able to see the instructor or other students.
Essential. I learn when I can interact in person with the instructor and other students.

20. As a reader, I would classify myself as:
Good - I usually understand the text and other written materials without help.
Average - I sometimes need help to understand the text or other written materials.
I don't like reading and need help to understand written materials.

21. I would describe my writing skills as:
Strong - I am comfortable with writing and have strong organizational, grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.
Average - I am moderately comfortable with writing and occasionally need help with organization, grammar, punctuation and spelling.
Needing help with organization, grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I look for classes without a lot of writing assignments