Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take an online class?

Online classes are available to KCC students. But you need some basic skills before attempting to take one. Go to the webpage "Are Online Classes for Me?" for a few questions that you can ask yourself to help you decide whether you are a good candidate for taking classes online.

What classes are being offered online?

To see a list of online classes, go to the Class Schedule on the KCC website and choose a term.

If no online classes are listed, the schedule has not been finalized. Please check back later or contact Distance Education at 541-880-2328 or

What Degrees are being offered online?

In Fall 2013 we began to offer some AAS programs that can be completed online. The programs offered are Business Administration: Management Emphasis and Business Administration: Accounting Emphasis.

Will my computer work?

Minimum Requirements of Your Computer System

To participate in KCC Online courses, students are expected to be familiar with computers and the Internet. KCC Online students must have access to the following:

  • Computer
    • Operating System
      • PC running Windows XP or newer
      • Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
    • Memory: 512 MB (minimum)
    • CPU: 1.6 GHz
    • The Internet via WiFi, network port, or modem
      • A high-speed broadband connection (DSL or Cable Modem) is highly recommended

Note: students are responsible for their own software and equipment maintenance and setup.

What should my computer have? What software do I need?

  • Web Browser
    • Firefox 8 or higher
    • Chrome (Stable Channel)
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Safari (for Mac OSX 10.5 and later)
  • Browser Settings
    • Java enabled
    • JavaScript enabled
    • Cookies enabled
    • Popup Blocker disabled
  • Other Software and Hardware
    • An email account
    • Word processing software
    • Speakers and a sound card are required for some courses. A web cam and microphone may be required for some classes.
    • Current virus software must be installed and kept up to date
    • Some classes have specific class requirements for additional software. For example, CIS-101 will always use the current version of Microsoft Office.

Do online classes cost more?

  • Tuition is the same as on-campus classes.
  • There is a $15 per credit fee for each Distance Education class.

How do I register?

  • New Students:
    • Please submit the online admissions form (see the "Getting Started" link for more information on the Admissions process).
    • New students must complete a mandatory orientation before registering for classes. If you cannot attend an on-campus orientation, contact KCC Distance Education. Contact information is provided below.
  • Current Students: You can register online just like you would for an on-campus course. There is a mandatory orientation for all students new to online courses at KCC.
  • New and Current Students:
    If you cannot come to campus, please contact KCC Distance Education:

How do I access my classes?

Note: You will not have access to your classes until the week before the start of the quarter. In some cases, you may not have access to the course until the first day of classes.

Go to the KCC course portal at and log in with your MyKCC Username and password. For login help, go to

For more information about KCC courses see the Academics section and for Student Services see the Students section.

*Conventional classes (classes not considered to be online, distance learning, elearning, etc.) are frequently referred to as on-campus, face-to-face (or f2f), or “brick and mortar” classes.