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Certified Nursing Assistant II

Klamath Community College's Nursing Assistant Training Course (HEA 113) is a 4 credits course designed to prepare Certified Nursing Assistants 1 (CNA 1) with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a Certified Nursing Assistant II (CNA 2). Course content prepares students to perform routine nursing assistant tasks needed in the acute care setting including how to provide opportunities for optimal client independence and support behaviors that promote positive healing. Course components include classroom lecture, skills lab, and clinical practice in healthcare settings.

Financial Aid is Available to Qualifying Students:
Contact the Financial Aid Office or Student Services at: (541) 882-3521 for details.

Oregon Nursing Assistant Exam-Candidate Handbook
If you have questions about the CNA II in Oregon please visit and review the booklet Nursing Assistants in Oregon.

Fees, tuition, and other program costs:
Student must pay at registration into Program, unless other arrangement is made with college. This is responsibility of student. Costs may vary without notification.
Fee Description: Approximate Cost.
Costs subject to change without notice.
HEA 100 (3 credits @ 89.50 per credit) $268.50
Tech Fees (3 credits @ $4.00 per credit) $12.00
Facility Use Fees (3 credits @ $6.00 per credit) $18.00
Student Government Fees (3 credits @ $2.00/credit) $6.00
Supply and insurance Fees                                                                                    $350.00                        
Name Tag Fee (student ID/name tag for clinical) $10.00
Administrative Fees $2.00
Book $125.00
Approximate Total $791.50

 Student Must Pay Out of Pocket Prior To Admission into Program
Fee Description Note: Paying for these fees does not guarantee the student admission into program. Approximate Cost.
Costs subject to change without notice.
Drug Screen $50.00-55.00  (additional fees may apply)
Finger Prints $15.00-20.00 (if your fingerprints need to be reprinted, you will be responsible for additional fees)
Criminal Background $72.00-80.00 (if your fingerprints need to be reprinted, you will be responsible for additional fees)
Hepatitis B Immunization Series $60.00-70.00 per injection & a visit fee (cost varies with each providers) (Note a 3 injection series)
TB Skin Test
2 step
$28.00 - $30.00 x 2(cost varies with provider)
Chest X-ray if required after TB skin test, cost varies with providers and fee for MD follow up.
MMR $40.00+  (cost varies with provider)
Approximate Total $265.00-$465.00
Students must pay out of pocket during the Program prior to clinical rotations
2 Uniforms:  $40.00- $100.00
Shoes:   $40.00- $100.00
Watch with second hand:      $10.00- $30.00 cost varies with store chosen
Gait belt:       $12.00- $20.00
Total: $102.00-$250.00
Approximate fees students pay out of pocket at completion of the Program $1176.50-$1506.00 additional cost not include for school supplies (e.g. Pens, paper etc.)

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