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Nursing Assistant II

Klamath Community College's Nursing Assistant Training Course (HEA 113) is a 5 credit course, consisting of lecture, lab and clinical. A board approved curriculum; Covering knowledge, skills and abilities that endorse optimal persons independence and support behaviors that promotes positive healing within acute, rehabilitation and dementia setting. Prerequisite: Must hold a current, unencumbered Oregon CNA 1 certificate; have their name listed on the CNA Registry, and instructor approval.

Financial Aid is Available to Qualifying Students:
Contact the Financial Aid Office or Student Services at: (541) 882-3521 for details.

Fees, tuition, and other program costs:
Student must pay at registration into Program, unless other arrangement is made with college. This is responsibility of student. Costs may vary without notification.

Fee Description: Approximate Cost.
Costs subject to change without notice.
HEA 100 (5 credits @ 89.50 per credit) $447.50
Tech Fees (5 credits @ $4.00 per credit) $20.00
Facility Use Fees (5 credits @ $6.00 per credit) $30.00
Student Government Fees (5 credits @ $2.50/credit) $12.50
Supply and insurance Fees $180.00
Name Tag Fee (student ID/name tag for clinical) $10.00
Administrative Fees $2.00
Book $125.00
Approximate Total $827.00

 Student Must Pay Out of Pocket Prior To Admission into Program
Fee Description Note: Paying for these fees does not guarantee the student admission into program. Approximate Cost.
Costs subject to change without notice.
Drug Screen $50.00-55.00  (additional fees may apply)
Finger Prints $15.00-20.00 (if your fingerprints need to be reprinted, you will be responsible for additional fees)
Criminal Background $72.00-80.00 (if your fingerprints need to be reprinted, you will be responsible for additional fees)
Hepatitis B Immunization Series $60.00-70.00 per injection & a visit fee (cost varies with each providers) (Note a 3 injection series)
TB Skin Test
2 step
$28.00 - $30.00 x 2(cost varies with provider)
Chest X-ray if required after TB skin test, cost varies with providers and fee for MD follow up.
MMR $40.00+  (cost varies with provider)
Approximate Total $265.00-$465.00
Students must pay out of pocket during the Program prior to clinical rotations
2 Uniforms:  $40.00- $100.00
Shoes:   $40.00- $100.00
Watch with second hand:      $10.00- $30.00 cost varies with store chosen
Gait belt:       $12.00- $20.00
Total: $102.00-$250.00
Approximate fees students pay out of pocket at completion of the Program additional cost not include for school supplies (e.g. Pens, paper etc.)
Total cost for program $1194.00 to $1542.00


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