College Success and Survival
College survival and success courses provide the necessary skills for college success and beyond. Topics covered include time management, effective studying, life balance, career exploration, research skills, leadership skills, and much more.

A CCRC (community college research center) study in the Virginia Community College system " found improvements in credit accumulation and persistence to the second year for students who enrolled in student success courses in their first semester."
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Program Advisor

Peggy Noble
CGS and Education
Program Lead
7390 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Q & A 

Why take CGS courses?

College requires several social and personal adjustments to be successful. College survival and success (CGS) courses teach important concepts that can help first time or returning college students be more successful in those adaptations.

What will I learn in a CGS course?

We offer several college survival and success (CGS) courses. Each teaches a different set of skills to help you in your academic career. Some of the skills taught include electronic research, career exploration, and life balance.

Are CGS courses required?

All of the degree programs at Klamath Community College require students to take and pass CGS 100 College Survival & Success. This class will help you become a more effective learner.