Computer Applications
Whether it is the one running various systems in your car, the phone in your pocket, or the chip inside a pacemaker, the world today runs on computers. We at Klamath Community College seek to increase the level of our students computer competency to give them the competitive edge in today's workplaces.

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Q & A 

Why study computer applications?

Computer applications classes cover and introduction of computers and related skills. These can form a great base for future technological learning. Most industries use computers in some form or fashion. Having even a basic knowledge in computer science will help you prepare for entry into the workforce.

Do I need to own my own computer?

While having your own computer would be extremely helpful, Klamath Community College offers several student use computers in all of our buildings. Owning a personal computer would allow you to complete assignments on your own time, outside of class or school hours. Taking online classes would be difficult with out a personal computer.

Do you have to be good at math to study computer applications?

While having a firm grasp of mathematical concepts will be helpful when taking any computer related class, it is not required. CAS classes are considered general education so they are a good fit for entry-level or non-traditional students. Most of the skills you will need to complete the classes will be taught during the course of the class.

Other Faculty

Douglas Chamberlin
Part Time Faculty: Computers
James Stoutamore
Part Time Faculty: Computers