Below is a list of scholarships KCC's Financial Aid Office has selected that are of special interest to our students, including KCC's Foundation awards, which are available only to KCC students.

Premier Nursing Academy

Varies – Multiple (Deadline: 8/25/2022)

One of the biggest factors to research and plan for when considering nursing school of any level is cost. There is no doubt that a career in nursing can be lucrative and has many options for growth and advancement, but the cost of getting that education should not be so great that a new nurse must spend years paying back debt rather than enjoying new financial freedoms. The world of financial assistance is vast and can be overwhelming to navigate, so we created this guide to help you sort through the many viable options available, at every level of education.

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William D King Grant

$1,000 – 1 (Deadline: 6/30/2022)

The William D King Grant program is a charitable initiative by the experienced financial planner and public accountant to come to the assistance of the poor US students, who do not have the money to chase higher education in the country. Also, That is the reason why William has declared the grant amount of $1,000 to helps these students pay their college or university tuition fees. The prize amount will go to the best candidate, who writes the best essay with clarity and uniqueness.

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Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship Award

$1,000 – 1 (Deadline: 6/30/2022)

In an effort to get students committed to the cause of deleting cyberbullying, we are offering the $1,000 Delete Cyberbullying Scholarship Award for high school and college students to help cover educational expenses.

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Oregon Tribal Student Grant

Varies – Multiple (Deadline: 8/1/2022)

For students who are enrolled members of Oregon’s federally recognized tribes to help offset the cost of attendance at an eligible Oregon post-secondary institution.

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KCC Foundation Scholarship Awards:

KCC Foundation Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and receive contributions from several organizations and endowments. To learn more about Foundation scholarships, please visit the KCC Foundation web page at, select scholarships, and apply during fall term each year.  For more information, call 541.880-2234.

Because College is Expensive:

How it works- The $500 “Because College is Expensive” Scholarship is open to all students and those planning on enrolling within 24 months. The winner will be determined by random drawing and then contacted directly and announced on this Scholarship page. One entry per person is all that is necessary. 


Who can Apply?


High school students, adults looking to head back to school, current college & grad students and anyone else looking to attend college or graduate school within 24 months.


Deadline:  Quarterly (March, June, September & December)