iGrad Financial Wellness Program

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Klamath Community College, in partnership with Solutions at ECMC, is happy to make available the award winning iGrad Financial Wellness Platform, your single destination for all personal finance questions, and so much more.

Managing your money is one of the most important life skills you can ever learn!

  • Did you know 2 of 3 Americans cited money as a major cause of stress in their lives? Let iGrad help you prepare a budget, spend wisely and take control of your financial future.
  • Did you know 65% of students report misunderstanding their student loans? With iGrad you can see all your loans in one place, learn about smart borrowing and find the repayment method that is right for you.
  • Your credit score is the most important score in your life! Your iGrad account never expires so you’ll always have accesses to useful tools and information whether you’re still in school, just starting your professional life, or mid-career and planning for retirement.
Why were ECMC & iGrad chosen as the platform for this educational experience?
  • The iGrad team has been at the forefront of the Financial Literacy Industry since their inception in 2009 and has won countless awards for its platform. Through interactive tools, games, articles, and videos it has succeeded in making a difficult subject matter fun and accessible, while providing unmatched support and reporting tools for student services staff.
How does it work?
  • When you create your account and answer just a few quick questions, iGrad starts recommending personal finance resources that are relevant to you.
  • Every day iGrad post articles, infographics, and videos with must-know money, career and student loan tips.
  • You can explore calculators, play games, and even track your student loans on iGrad. You might even find funds for college by using their scholarship search engine!
Get started today! Here’s how to access iGrad…
  • iGrad is available to all KCC students, staff, faculty, parents, and alumni at www.igrad.com/schools/klamathcc
  • If you have any questions, contact KCC financial aid team at 541-880-2352 or go to iGrad and with one click, reach out to a Student Loan Repayment Advisor