Dual Credit

Do you want to:

Earn college credit at no cost while still in high school?
Get a head start on college coursework?
Reduce time spent on earning a career technical certificate or college degree?
Showcase educational achievement?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Dual Credit through KCC is a good fit for you. Klamath Community College offers dual credit at high schools across Oregon and California. Students can earn substantial amounts of college credit at their respective high schools while taking classes that they have to take anyways. Best of all, KCC offers Dual Credit completely free of charge to students in-state, and only $25 per credit out-of-state. 


For example, rather than taking Senior English for high school credit only, a senior can take Writing 121, Writing 122, and Speech 111 during his/her senior year, earning nine college credits completely free, while meeting the high school English requirement!

Right now, Dual Credit courses are being taught at dozens of Oregon and California high schools, and KCC is constantly working with new and existing schools to offer more Dual Credit courses, but not all courses are available at every school. 

Dual Credit courses taken are recorded on an official KCC transcript and may be used toward a degree or certificate program at KCC or transferred to other colleges or universities.

Juniors and seniors take the lion's share of Dual Credit classes, but freshman, sophomores, and even junior high students are given this opportunity with their school's approval. 

For more information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here.

To be eligible for Dual Credit:

1) Your high school must have already been approved to offer a certain course. Students are encouraged to contact their local high school to check on course and instructor availability.

2) Students have completed all Prerequisites for courses that are not entry-level and have the high school teacher's approval to take the course.

3) Students submit a completed KCC Dual Credit Registration Form to their teacher by established deadlines.

Dual Credit High School Partners

Klamath Community College coordinates programs with high schools throughout the region and the state. Want to see if your high school offers Dual Credit Classes? Click here for a list of participating schools.

For additional information on Dual Credit program contact:

Kelly Kline
K12 Support Coordinator
Klamath Community College
7390 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
KCCDualCredit@klamathcc.edu, (541)880-2337

For information on the Oregon Transfer Module, please visit this page.

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