Dual Credit

Do you want to:

  • Earn college credit for free or at a reduced rate while still in high school?
  • Get a head start on college coursework?
  • Reduce time spent on earning a career technical certificate or college degree?
  • Showcase educational achievement?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Dual Credit through KCC would be a good fit for you. Klamath Community College offers dual credit at high schools throughout Oregon and recently into California. Students can earn substantial amounts of college credit at their respective high schools while taking classes that are part of curriculum necessary to graduate high school. Best of all, KCC offers dual credit free of charge to students that are in-state, and $25.00 per credit for out of state students

An example of Dual Credit in the high school would be a senior who is taking a Senior English Class for high school which is part of necessary curriculum to graduate would have the option in the same class to earn college credit by taking Writing 121, Writing 122, and Speech 111 during his/her senior year, earning 11 college credits free or at a reduced rate, while meeting the high school English requirement to graduate.

Currently Dual Credit courses are being taught at high schools throughout Oregon and has expanded into California. KCC is constantly working with new and existing high schools by identifying the needs of that particular school, providing supports and assisting with the expansion of their dual credit options for their students.

Dual Credit courses that a student enrolls in are recorded on an official KCC transcript and may be used toward a degree or certificate program at KCC or transferred to other colleges or universities.

Dual Credit is predominantly taken by juniors and seniors but students that are younger may discuss the option with their high school counselor who will determine if qualified to go through a process of determining eligibility.

Dr. Keith Johnston’s BIO231, Anatomy & Physiology Dual Credit Class from Hosanna Christian School. Lab is being instructed by Dr. Johnston at Klamath Community College.
From Left to Right: Dr. Keith Johnston, Ezra Reschke, Stephanie Fent, Kristene Morris, Nikita Haring-Fruitt, Julia Flowers, Jami King, Virginia Cooper, Kendyl Johnston, Dani Zhang, Hunter Jansen, Nathan Staunton

To be eligible for Dual Credit:

  1. Your high school must have been approved to offer that course. Students are encouraged to contact their local high school to check on courses available through dual credit and instructor availability.
  2. Students have completed Pre-requisites for courses that are not entry-level and have the high school teacher’s approval to take the course.
  3. Students submit a complete KCC Dual Credit Registration form to their teacher by established deadlines. Registration forms are supplied by the high school, generally the teacher who is offering that particular class for dual credit or their counselor.

Klamath Community College coordinates with high schools throughout the state of Oregon and into California.  Click here for a list of participating schools.

For additional information on Dual Credit program contact:

Kelly Kline
K12 Support Coordinator
Klamath Community College
7390 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
(541) 880-2337

For information on the Oregon Transfer Module, please visit this page.

"College and Career For All!" 

New Horizon Christian School students Quaid Ferguson and Kayla Nystrom participating in a lab at Klamath Community College for CHE104, General Chemistry I.
Course being instructed by Anthony Hamilton, a Dual Credit Instructor for New Horizon Christian School.