Synchronous Program

KCC Academic Calendar

Summer Quarter 2017
Begin Registration
May 8
Begin Registration
May 8
Courses Begin June 26
Last Day to Add/Drop June 30
Last Day to Request a Refund June 30
Independence Day (Holiday) July 4
Last Day to Withdraw with a "W" August 4
Final Exams August 21 - 25
Term Ends August 25
Fall Quarter 2017
Courses Begin Sept. 25
Last Day to Add/Drop Sept. 29
Last Day to Request a Refund Sept. 29
Begin Registration (Winter) October 30
Veteran's Day (Holiday) November 10
Last Day to Withdraw with a "W" November 17
Thanksgiving (Holiday) November 23 & 24
Final Exams December 4 - 8
Term Ends December 8
Winter Quarter 2018
Courses Begin January 8
Last Day to Add/Drop January 12
Last Day to Request a Refund January 12
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 15

Begin Registration

February 12
President's Day (Holiday) February 19
Last Day to Withdraw with a "W"
March 2
Final Exams
March 19 - 23
Term Ends March 23
Spring Quarter 2018
Courses Begin April 2
Last Day to Add/Drop April 6
Last Day to Request a Refund  April 6
Begin Registration
May 7
Begin Registration
May 7
Last Day to Withdraw with a "W" May 25
Memorial Day (Holiday) May 28
Final Exams June 11-15
Term Ends June 15
Commencement June 15

KCC Academic Catalog

The KCC Catalog includes the degree and certificate programs offered at Klamath Community College. The Catalog also lists the courses offered at the College with associated tuition and fees.

Current Course Schedules

Current schedules for both credit and non-credit courses. Courses denoted with a "DE" are online, or distance education, courses. Courses marked with an "X" are community education courses. Many courses are offered with no or low cost textbook options.

Registration Form

Specific forms used to enroll students into the Synchronous program.

Drop/Withdrawal Form (Front and Back)

Used to drop or withdrawal a student from an enrolled course. Please note, this is a multi-page form, and all pages must be filled out.

Learning Resource Center (LRC) Information

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The Learning Resource Center in Building 4 houses the college’s library, tutoring center, & testing center. The KCC Library provides online full-text access to more than 15,000 magazines and journals, as well as e-books, newspapers, films, audio files, and other documents. The KCC Tutoring Center offers personalized supplemental instruction in math, physics, biology, chemistry, computers, writing, anatomy & physiology and more. The KCC Testing Center serves both the campus and extended communities and is an authorized testing site for Pearson VUE, State of Oregon licensing, and many other test providers, as well as providing testing and proctoring for KCC instructor exams.

How College is Different than High School

This information breaks down the differences between the expectations of a student taking a high school course versus taking a college course.

Under Age Admissions - Process

  Community Education Dual Credit Dual Enrollment Has Diploma/GED
Admit Type N/A Special Special Regular
Secondary or Home
School Approved
No Yes Yes No
Parent or
Guardian Approval
Yes Yes Yes No
CE Coordinator DC Coordinator Student Services Student Services
Tuition or Fee Rate Regular Waived (In-State)
Discount (Out-of-State)
H. S. Regular
  1. Underage students without a high school diploma or GED must complete the "Secondary School Student Registration" process for special admission that includes:
    • Approval of secondary school counselor or home school equivalent.
    • Approval for any waiver of placement tests by secondary school or home school equivalent.
    • Agreement to complete coursework in postsecondary school or home school whenever possible prior to seeking College courses.
    • Information on whom to consult to use College credit for secondary or home school requirements, and whom to work with for College requirements.
    • Information on Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    • Approval of parent/guardian.
    • Information that the College is an adult learning environment, that the student will interact with others of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds, that the College must mandatory report any suspected abuse of minors, that the student may be in classes with known or unknown sex offenders, that the College will disclose to instructors the fact of a student being under age 18, and that the student may be exposed to graphic material related to violence, sexuality, or other mature topics.
    • Statement that course content, grades, and activities cannot be changed for age.
    • Agreement that the student must follow all College policies and regulations, including the Student Code of Conduct, and where to find information on the preceding.
    • Information on student services and resources.
  2.  Students 15 years or younger, in addition to the above, must also:
    • Complete a High School Registration form - forms provided by high school instructor for the course offered or a designated administrator at the high school.
    • Obtain required signatures on the registration form.
    • Obtain a recommendation from either the high school instructor offering the course in which the student desires to enroll or from the high school counselor.
    • If home-schooled, from an adult other than the parent/guardian.
    • Student will be required to write a letter explaining their request for special admission to enroll in college courses.
    • Registration form, recommendation, and student letter must be forwarded to K-12 Support Coordinator for Klamath Community College.
    • K-12 Support Coordinator will forward the information to a Student Success Representative. A Student Success Representative will then reach out to the parent/guardian and student to arrange a meeting. Meetings are in-person or over the phone. In-person meetings are held on the KCC Campus at Enrollment Service in Building #3. Phone meetings are available for a student not living in the high school area or unable to make the appointment in person.
  3.  For subsequent terms of enrollment of underage students:
    • Secondary or home school approval is needed each term for special admits, but there is no required meeting with the parent/guardian.
    • No additional approvals are needed for regular admits.
    • With satisfactory behavior and progress, continued study my be granted.

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