CCAF/KCC/EOU Base to Bachelor’s

Maximize Your CCAF Credits

No Placement Tests - No Loss of Credit!

The Base to Bachelor’s articulation between Klamath Community College and Eastern Oregon University was designed to help Airmen maximize transfer credit earned through their CCAF degree towards a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Business Administration through Eastern Oregon University. KCC and EOU have partnered to grant maximum credit from your CCAF towards that degree. If you have prior college courses completed through an accredited college that apply to the degree plan, the following generic outline could be even faster.

KCC EOU Base to Bachelors

Base to Bachelors

GEM/CCAF General Education Courses (taken at KCC or transferred from an accredited College). If you have finished your CCAF, you will have at least 25 credit hrs.

  • CCAF credit – up to 60 credit hours
  • Lower division required courses to transfer to EOU. Approximately seven courses (taken at KCC or transferred from an accredited College)
  • Upper Division Core and elective courses taken at EOU
  • Credit hours for lower division and upper division coursework will vary depending on what prior college credit you have

All Online!


  1. Fill out a GEM application at
  2. Click on the Apply Now button.
  3. Once the GEM application is submitted, a representative from Veterans Services will contact you.
  4. If you have not completed your general education requirements for your CCAF degree, KCC offers a number of courses that will help you fulfill those requirements. You can be admitted to the Base to Bachelors program in conjunction with completion of your CCAF general education requirements through KCC.

Transcripts/Course Registration/Funding

  1. Send your official CCAF transcripts to:
    Klamath Community College
    ATTN: Veterans Services
    7390 South 6th St.
    Klamath Falls, OR 97603
  2. If you have any other college transcripts from an accredited college/university, send official copies to the same address as above. Order two copies to have a set for enrolling at EOU - send to Kerry Thompson, EOU VA Director (contact information below).
  3. If you did not finish your general education requirements through KCC’s GEM program you must submit all transcripts to KCC that were submitted to the CCAF to meet those requirements.
  4. Veterans Services will articulate your submitted transcripts and develop a personal degree plan for you that will allow you to easily navigate the remainder of the coursework you need to complete.
  5. Once you have reviewed your degree plan you will register for courses through KCC’s Veterans Services department at the contact numbers below.
  6. The degree plan will be submitted to Eastern Oregon University who will generate the documents needed for TA eligible students to apply for Tuition Assistance funds.
  7. If you are using the G. I. Bill, please contact Veterans Services directly at:
Tracy Heap
John Appolonio
Kerry Thompson (EOU)
Military Friendly School