Veterans Services

KCC’s Veterans Certifying Official provides general information on the different types of education benefits available to veterans and their eligible dependents and certifies the student’s enrollment with the Veterans Administration. To apply for Veterans educational benefits go to Recipients of VA benefits must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward their educational goal.

Veterans must abide by VA regulations regarding notification of any change in academic program/major, change in course registration, course withdrawal, and transfer credits from other institutions. Failure to notify the Veterans Administration may result in a loss of benefits. Call our Veterans Services office at 541-880-2214 for more information. For information regarding benefits and/or payment problems, please call the Portland regional office at 1-800-827-1000.

Eligibility Requirements:

Students may establish eligibility for full-time veterans benefits by taking 12 or more credits, three-quarter time benefits with 9 to 11 credits, or half-time benefits with 6 to 8 credits. If the student attends less than half-time, only tuition benefits are available. Students taking GED or high school equivalency courses must attend class 18 or more hours per week to be considered full-time. If students are veterans or other military personnel, they should check with Student Services regarding procedures for acceptance of military credits. Students must provide documents verifying prior education and military service. Eligibility for benefits and monthly payments are processed by the Veterans Administration Educational Office in Muskogee, OK.

After certification by the college, VA students must:
  1. Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  2. Enroll only in courses that are part of the certified program. Enrollment in classes outside the certified program will make the student liable for overpayments from the VA.
  3. Complete at least the minimum hours for which they were certified. Overpayments will occur if they enroll in, but do not complete, the credits for which they were certified.
  4. Inform the VA office immediately of changes in schedule, address or dependents, as it takes up to six weeks to process the changes.