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Placement Testing

The COMPASS exam is a computerized placement test produced by ACT. COMPASS has been chosen by Klamath Community College as an assessment tool used in determining your level of preparedness for college-level courses.

What is the purpose of the COMPASS Placement Test?

The COMPASS Placement Test helps us to place you in whatever courses you are ready for, either college-level courses or courses to prepare you for college-level courses. COMPASS assesses the kinds of skills needed for success in college. COMPASS tests your academic preparation in three areas: Writing, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics. You do not PASS or FAIL the COMPASS test; it only determines your current skill level in the area(s) tested so that you can be placed appropriately.

Who must take the COMPASS Placement Test?

If you are applying for admission to a degree or certificate program, or you wish to enroll in a writing, math or reading course, a class with a math or writing prerequisite, or entry into any program requiring assessment in writing, math or reading, you must first take a placement assessment.

How does one prepare for the COMPASS placement test?

Klamath Community College provides Math Review Sheets to help you prepare for the placement exam. The Review Sheets are composed of a number of problems representative of each course. Click on the link below to download a Review Sheet (PDF's):

Math 10
Basic Math
Math 20
Basic Math (Arithmetic)
Math 70
Elementary Algebra
Math 95
Intermediate Algebra

Additional resources and tutors are available at the Learning Resources Center.

When and where will the COMPASS Placement Test be given?

The placement exam will be given at the Mandatory Orientation/Registration which all new students who are taking credit bearing classes are required to attend.

Students with disabilities or students with special needs can take the tests under conditions that allow for their needs. If you have special needs, you should arrange for testing with Student Services when you apply.

How much time does the COMPASS test require, and what must be brought to the test center?

You should allow approximately two and a half hours for the entire COMPASS Test. COMPASS is a self-paced, computerized test, which allows you to proceed at your own rate, so you might require more or less time than this estimate would indicate.

You should bring the following information and supplies on the day of the test:

  • Photo ID [driver's license with photo]
  • The COMPASS Test is computerized, so you will not need to bring paper. Scratch paper will be provided for the math section of the test.

Under normal circumstances, you would not take the COMPASS Placement Test more than once. When you have taken the test, your scores will be kept on file for use when you enroll for classes.

How will the COMPASS Placement Test scores be used?

After your COMPASS Test has been scored, you will need to pick up the results from the person administering the test. Your scores will be explained to you, and you will need to take a copy of these scores to Student Services to be used when choosing your courses for the term. Your scores will be used to place you in either college-level courses or the Basic (Remedial) or Developmental courses that you need.

The purpose of the Basic (Remedial) and Developmental courses is to help you succeed in college-level courses.

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