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Advanced EMT (AEMT)

Phase I
Student bring ORIGINAL documents to Student Services for verification:

Phase II
Student will be contacted via email with information for filling out and submitting an interview questionnaire.

Phase III
Students are then sent either an AEMT program acceptance letter or a letter of admission denial. Anyone who is denied entry is welcome to reapply for the next AEMT when it is offered.

Fall/Winter/Spring 2013-2014 @ Klamath Community College
The course will be over three terms for a total of 200 hours of lecture and labs. In addition both Emergency Dept. clinical time and Ambulance field internship will be required.

OAR 333-265-0015 Advanced Emergency Medical Technician Field Internships

  1. A field internship is required as part of an advanced EMT course and shall include:
    1. Clinical experience performed under the supervision of a preceptor of at least eight hours and 20 patient contacts in a hospital emergency department or medical clinic where the skills within an AEMT scope of practice are performed under the supervision of a preceptor; and
    2. Prehospital experience of at least eight hours under the supervision of an AEMT or above where the skills within the scope of practice of an AEMT are performed.

Students must be licensed as an Oregon EMT and should be experienced and confident in their skills at that level before proceeding on to the Advance EMT level. AEMT training expands on the basic skills and knowledge of an EMT. This training includes a more in-depth understanding of a variety of disease and injury processes and their appropriate management, as well as some additional skills such as intravenous access and some additional medication administration.

For state licensure the students will be required to pass the National Registry EMT, cognitive AEMT written exam as well as pass the NREMT skills proficiency test after completing the course with a passing grade. Time and location still to be determined for the skills test.

Registering for this course requires that the student register with KCC and complete the pre-requisites for the course, which include providing all of the information on the “Student File Information Form” showing your EMT license, your current Health Care Provider CPR card and submitting your current shot records. The course is limited to 20 students and those accepted to the course will be those that complete the entry requirements first, in other words –first come first served.

AEMT education or licensure is not required prior to entering a paramedic course.

Employment: There is limited data on employment for this level, however the rural communities in our county will benefit from some of their volunteers becoming AEMT’s. EMT that have been trained at KCC have gone on to become paramedics, medical assistants, nurses, ski patrol members, search and rescue team members and into other aspects of the medical community.

These costs are expected for the 2013 / 2014 KCC AEMT Course.

  • $110.00 for Oregon state application and testing fee
  • $100.00 for the NREMT testing fee
  • $25.00 for SLMC Background check for working in the ED
  • $44.00 for SLMC Drug screen
  • $15.00 for Finger prints from the KCSO for the OR state application
  • $125.00 appoximately for text book AAOS Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured ISBN 978-1-4496-0081-5 and workbook 987-0-7637-9264-0. Price could be significantly less if they shop around.

Tuition and Fees are not complete. Overall, the program should be around $1500 with these costs and tuition and fees.

This class is not financial aid eligible.

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