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Learning Affairs Council Charter

  1. Relationship to college mission

    The Learning Affairs Council is established to foster quality learning opportunities which enhance growth and development for the individuals, businesses, and organizations within our greater community.

  2. Relationship to remainder of college governance system (limitations, scope of group)

    The Learning Affairs Council’s primary function, representative of the faculty, students, and staff, is to make recommendations to the College Council with respect to academic and professional matters. The College Council will then act upon these recommendations to insure that the college meets its goals and objectives.

    “Academic and professional matters” means the following policy development and implementation issues:

    • Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites, and placing courses within disciplines
    • Degree and certificate requirements
    • Grading policies
    • Educational program development and processes for program review
    • Standards on policies regarding student preparation and success
    • District and college governance structure, as related to faculty roles
    • Faculty development review and assessments
    • Other academic and professional matters as are mutually agreed upon between the College Council and LAC
  3. Goals and achievements

    Insure quality of learning opportunities for students through the representative input of those closest to the curriculum: faculty, students, and college staff.

  1. Membership

    Membership shall include the Dean or designee from Learning, Information, Student, and Administrative Services, Director of Community, Contract and Continuing Education or designee, administrative faculty, Coordinator of the Learning Resources Center or designee, administrator of the Adult Learning Center or designee, and a student.

    The Dean for Learning Services shall serve as the Council's chair and resource person and shall be responsible for publication and distribution of agendas, minutes, and other official documents.

    The administrative assistant to the Dean for Learning Services shall serve as a non-voting member of the committee with primary responsibilities for recording all the minutes.

  2. Terms of service

    Membership on the committee rotates to provide continuity of the flow of information and committee responsibilities. Membership to the committee should be first voluntary, and if necessary, appointed by the appropriate Dean.


Duties of the Chair:

  • Call meetings of Learning Affairs Council
  • Make arrangements for meetings (room schedule, time etc.)
  • Develop an agenda for meetings with members of LAC
  • Lead meetings in an orderly manner and in accordance with agenda
  • Vote in cases of tie votes
  • Commission regular review of the LAC processes and procedures

Term: Currently, the Chair of the LAC is the Dean for Learning Services. Unless the President chooses otherwise, the Dean will chair the LAC.

Duties of Recorder (generally administrative assistant to the Dean):

  • Keep official minutes of the meetings
  • Archive official minutes
  • Communicate/Remind the LAC of the time and date of meetings
  • Send meeting minutes to LAC members members within a reasonable time frame
  • Prepare correspondence between LAC and other college councils
  1. Rules of order
    • Need quorum for voting issues
    • Acceptance of minutes
    • Follow printed agenda
    • Ad hoc additions to agenda by unanimous vote
    • Only members allowed to vote
    • All voting recorded numerically

  2. Conduct at meetings

    When the LAC addresses contentious issues, the good of the college must be held as first priority. Professional decorum and mutual respect are required at all times.


Ad hoc subcommittees may be created and changed at any time as needed. Appointment is approved by the Council and appointed by the Chair. The Chair reserves the right to appoint members to a subcommittee if necessary. Such subcommittees shall conduct studies, draft policy revisions, and make recommendations to the Council, but shall not act on the Council’s behalf.

In making a recommendation to the Council, subcommittees shall, using their own procedures, jointly agree upon the recommendations before forwarding it to the Council. Recommendations from the subcommittees shall be submitted to the Council in writing. The Council will receive, review, and act upon the recommendations from the subcommittees within a timely manner.

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