In order to become a TRiO member, fill out the TRiO SSS application below. The form can be completed in a few minutes.

If you are accepted into the TRiO program, you will be required to attend an orientation and will then be eligible to access tutoring and advising services as well as attend cultural experiences, college university visits and workshops.

Step One

Please answer the following questions about yourself
5a. Do you have a home phone?:
6a. Do you have a cell phone?:
6c. Would you like to receive text messages?:
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9. Is English your first language?:
10. Ethnicity (Please check all that apply to you) :

11. Gender:
12a. Are you a U.S. Citizen?:
13a. Are you employed?:

Step Two

Please answer the following questions about your parents and about yourself
14. Do either of your parents have a 4-year college degree?:
17. Do you have a CURRENT and DOCUMENTED Disability?:
18a. Financial Statement of need (check one). The taxable income can be found on the federal income tax return IRA Form 1040 see line 43; IRS Form 1040A see line 27; IRS Form 1040 EZ see line 6.:

Step Three

Please answer the following questions about your educational plans
19a. Did you receive a high school diploma?:
19b. GED?:
19c. Modified diploma?:
19d. Still in high school?:
21. Are you planning on receiving a degree or certificate from KCC?:
23. Do you plan to transfer to a University?:
25. I have completed the following Math classes:

26. I have completed the following Writing classes:

27. I have been out of school for five years or more:

Step Four

Verification and Release of Information
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