Center for Community College Student Engagement recognizes KCC

10/7/2014 12:00:00 AM
The Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCCSE) has recognized KCC as one of four colleges nationwide who are leaders in high impact practices that result in student success.  CCCSE specifically noted KCC's work in the development and offering of Career Pathway Certificates of Completion that are providing students with workforce and professional skills.
The Center for Community College Student Engagement, a national organization that provides important research and information about effective educational practices in community colleges, in their recent publication A matter of degree: Practices to pathways (High-impact practices for community college student success) recognizes Klamath Community College as one of four community colleges nationwide chosen as leaders in high-impact educational practices resulting in significant improvements in student outcomes.  The Center describes KCC’s success in creating and offering Career Pathway Certificates of Completion (CPCC) as stand-alone certificates to gain entry to or further careers, or as a part of one-year certificates or Associate degrees. The Center states that KCC works with faculty, “across disciplines to develop, implement, and evaluate pathway courses.  The programs also benefit from the input of active community steering committees that include workforce and educational partners.”  Further, that of “the 97 students who have completed certificates, 36 went on to earn additional certificates and degrees.” The Center explains that KCC’s success comes from reaching out and identifying students during mandatory orientation and continuing support through required academic advising which keeps students focused on attaining their professional goals. They report that KCC “plans to embed CPCCs and industry-recognized credentials in all of its career and technical programs. In addition, the college is planning a Pathway Guide for high school students to promote early entry into pathways.”  KCC is honored by the recognition or our programs and student success as we move forward into creating more career pathway certificate opportunities in our community.