KCC Installs Artwork on Campus

4/12/2013 12:00:00 AM
College campuses are often hubs for art and creativity, art instructor Bill Lipe and his students have been charged with exhibiting works of art throughout campus.
KCC Installs Artwork on Campus
College campuses are often hubs for art and creativity. Though that has long been the case in classrooms at Klamath Community College, that creativity was seldom reflected through artwork placed around campus. That is changing, however, as art instructor Bill Lipe and his students have been charged with exhibiting works of art throughout campus.

“It’s very important that our art students and faculty know that their skills, talents, and contributions to the campus community are not only appreciated, but needed,” said KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez. “Even for students who may not be in art classes or consider themselves artistic, it is important that they receive a well-rounded education. That includes an understanding of and appreciation for the arts,” Dr. Gutierrez added.

Among the first displays to be installed on campus was an incense cedar sculpture of the college’s official seal, which is now permanently displayed in the KCC Boardroom. That sculpture was created by Lipe. “Cedar has always been the choice for carvers; with its straight grain and sweet fragrance,” Lipe said. “We are fortunate that our administration fully supports the arts on campus. We are making great strides here at KCC. Students are excited and I’m excited.”

The seal, which is the first official seal that the college has created, was developed through a process that included input from KCC’s Board of Education, administration, faculty, staff and students. “An official college seal is an important part of an institution,” Dr. Gutierrez said. “Our design reflects the college’s history, geographic location, and commitment to learning and student success.”

In addition to the seal, Lipe has furnished the college with Native American portraits and Cherokee ceremonial masks for the month of April.      Though those exhibits are the first to be displayed on campus, there are plans for much more artwork to go up in coming months, including outdoor sculptures that Lipe and KCC’s welding faculty member, Wayne Scott, have been commissioned to create.

Also, in celebration of April being designated National Poetry Month, the Learning Resource Center at KCC has installed a Six Word Memoir Board. The board gives students and visitors the opportunity to share their life story in just six words, and see how others have described their own lives. “It is very interesting to see what people come up with,” said LRC Manager Lynnette Harper. “There are some very creative, inspiring people who have found a way to express their lives in just six words.”

The Six Word Memoir Board is on display in Building 4.