KCC Practical Nursing Pinning Ceremony

12/4/2012 12:00:00 AM
Klamath Community College is pleased to announce the graduation of the 2012 class of practical nursing students.
KCC Practical Nursing Pinning Ceremony
Klamath Community College is pleased to announce the graduation of the 2012 class of practical nursing students. The students, who will participate in a pinning ceremony Dec. 6 to mark the accomplishment, comprise the second cohort of students to go through the Practical Nursing program, which began in March 2011.

“All of the students who will participate in the pinning have completed all of the requirements for becoming a licensed practical nurse except the national board examination,” said Lori James, administrative director of the Practical Nursing program. The students are scheduled to take the national board exam (NCLEX-PN) in early 2013.

Upon successful completion of the exam, students will be qualified to work as licensed practical nurses. In addition to working as licensed practical nurses, the graduates also have the option of pursuing a bridge program that will allow them to continue working toward becoming registered nurses.

“This is another indication of our commitment to this important and expanding field,” said KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez. “These graduates are trained and ready to immediately enter the workforce and fill important positions in the healthcare field locally, regionally, and nationally.”

The pinning ceremony is a long-standing tradition in the nursing field. It signifies the commissioning of the students to begin their nursing careers as graduates of KCC. Each nursing school has its own pin design (see attached for KCC’s design). The highlights of the ceremony are the Nightingale Pledge and Candlelighting Ceremony. “Due to her selfless duty during the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale became known as the ‘Lady with the Lamp,’” James said. “She is also the person responsible for starting modern nursing schools. The nursing graduates honor her dedication and accomplishments with these two components of the ceremony.”

With the graduation of the 2012 class, KCC is now accepting applications for next year’s Practical Nursing cohort, scheduled to begin in April 2013. Because the curriculum in the Practical Nursing program is so intensive, students must complete all general education and prerequisite courses prior to starting the program. The deadline for applications for the next cohort is January 18, 2013.
I am honored to have taught these individuals,” James said. “We shared many challenges and I know they have what it takes to become successful and accomplished nurses. I am looking forward to working with another group of students next year.”