KCC's Plan to Boost Graduation Rates to 54%

3/23/2016 12:00:00 AM
KCC's plan to increase its graduation rate to 54% by reaching 100% of the community, directly or indirectly, would put the institution at #1 when compared to other community colleges in the nation. 
By now, many in the community and on campus may have started seeing KCC logos with “100%-54%” on them. What does that mean?

100%: The percentage of the community in Klamath County that KCC wants to reach – whether that’s through community education, gaining workforce skills, working on an associate’s degree, or transferring to a university. Everyone living in Klamath Falls can capitalize on what KCC has to offer, and with the expansion in Synchronous Learning, everyone in both Klamath and Lake Counties can benefit.

54%: Graduation rate from KCC. This may not sound impressive at first glance, but when this percentage is attained, it will be the highest in the entire nation. Over the last couple years, KCC has continued to increase graduation rates to over 26%. Following this trend, KCC will achieve and surpass this goal of 54%. This can only be accomplished through all our collective efforts. Enroll in classes, complete certificates and degrees, and achieve your own goals of becoming more skilled and employable. Together we can make Klamath County a better place to work and live.