New Courses at KCC!

6/24/2015 12:00:00 AM
In an effort to offer our students more variety, KCC has a handful of new courses you may be interested in. 

Traditional In-person Classes! 

Theatre Program: 
Local high schools either have small theatre programs or have the desire to have such a program if they can attract a sufficient number of students.  Furthermore, at this time KCC does not have a theatre curriculum, but this could change quickly if the College can demonstrate sufficient need.  KCC is interested in inviting both the Klamath Falls School District and the Klamath County School District to explore creating dual credit opportunities, enrolling students in a KCC theatre program, or both.  Mark McCreary, Director of the Ross-Ragland Theatre, is open to extending usage of his facility to KCC and its K-12 partners in support of teaching and promoting theatre. 

Speech/Debate League: As part of KCC’s efforts to promote more of a college-going culture in our area, it is planning to work with OIT in a cooperative, collaborative effort to establish a regional speech-debate league (working title: Southern Oregon Speech Association or SOSA) to promote competitive public speaking among our area high schools and involve our college students as judges and recruiters.  Events would include individual events (oratory, extemporaneous, informative, impromptu, dramatic and humorous interpretation, after dinner speaking, etc.) and, once the league is firmly establish, debate (Lincoln-Douglas and Cross Examination).

In the first year of the league, the two colleges would serve as the primary hosts of the tournaments with select high schools volunteering to sponsor a few more competitions.  KCC will serve as the league’s spokesman and primary organizer.  If all partners, including OIT, the two public school districts, and local private schools, agree to more forward, a full slate of events for the 2015-2016 school year will begin immediately.  Finally, all student participants will be eligible for National Speech and Debate Association awards, which are recognized by colleges and employers nationwide.

Online Classes! 

Along with Klamath Community College's 50+ online classes and several online degrees and certificates - and in the name of all that is educationally innovative - KCC has a number of new online offerings slated to start fall and winter terms.

This list of courses might interest students seeking classes that fit their own schedules and can be completed from the comfort of their living room couch - or from anywhere else for that matter.

Lab Science for Non-Science Students: For students who wish to satisfy their lab science requirements, KCC now offers non-technical courses in Biology, Environmental Science, and Physics completely online. These courses are geared toward students who aren’t planning on a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) areas, yet require a basic science course. Minimal math is required for these transferable, credit classes, and there are low fees and a cost-effective and easy-to-use lab kit for meaningful, highly engaging experiments. Take any of these courses when and where you like – in-home, online, anywhere!

Community College and Online College Instruction Courses: For educators at any level looking to expand their skill set to include instruction at the community college level or in the online environment, these new, completely online classes are for you. If you’re have time this summer, consider enrolling in one of these classes now. After taking these classes, you’ll be able to take on added instruction responsibilities in your spare time, by teaching face-to-face community college courses in the late afternoon or evening or instructing classes completely online.

Online World Language Academy (OWLA): Klamath Community College is currently building a webpage on its website to house a new Online World Language Academy (OWLA) in support of four completely online, two-year language programs for two European (French and German) and two Asian languages (Chinese and Japanese). The new webpage is scheduled to go live in early July, 2015. Currently, no other college or university in Oregon is offering these languages completely online.
The following information will be made available on the new webpage:
·         Course descriptions and course learning outcomes
·         Calendar of course offerings – two-year schedule
·         Online language faculty profiles
·         Tips on how to study a language online
·         Links to language learning resources
·         List of prerequisites and requirements for testing into courses
·         Brief history, geographic locations, and uses of each language
·         Instructions on how to be admitted to the College and register for a class 
If these four languages are successful attracting students in Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and nationwide, the College plans to gradually add more languages, including the following: Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Russian.  
Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL): The College is planning to include Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) among its quality instructional efforts beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year. 

COIL is a 21st century teaching practice that connects American classes with similar offerings taught abroad using various digital means (Learning Management Systems, YouTube, audio files, wikis, email, photographs, various social media, etc.).  Students are allowed to collaborate with peers in other countries on a variety of assignments, including projects, films, case studies, presentations, journals, et al. 

The ultimate goal is to 1) increase students’ “global competence” (i.e., openness to new opportunities, ideas, and ways of thinking; self-awareness about identity and culture, and sensitivity and respect for differences; empathy and valuing multiple perspectives; and comfort with ambiguity and unfamiliar situations) as well as 2) support social justice (i.e., allowing students who may never have an opportunity to travel abroad to have a highly educational, no-cost international experience in their hometown). 
The target start date is the 2016 Winter Term.  Once COIL is firmly established at KCC, the College plans to extend its support to local high schools for the same types of collaborations on the secondary level. 

In-class, online, ANYWHERE! - KCC - Education at the Speed of Life!

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