Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical technicians and paramedics are often first on the scene in a medical emergency. Demand for emergency medical professionals is increasing: 
Want a career that will change your life and save others? It will take hard work and training. 

KCC can give you that training. We offer a one-year certificate and pathway certificate as well as a full associate degree with an emphasis in emergency medical services, qualifying you to work as an EMT anywhere in the United States.

Regional Employment Forecast

Hourly Salary Range (Klamath Area):
$15.30 - $21.91
Hourly Salary Range (State of Oregon):
$12.32 - $27.93
Area Employment Projections: Projected growth (2014-2024) in the Klamath area is 4.7%. Projected growth in the state of Oregon is 18.6%.
Statewide Employment Analysis: The total number of job openings is projected to be somewhat higher than the statewide average number of job openings for all occupations through 2024. This occupation is expected to grow at a somewhat faster rate than the statewide average growth rate for all occupations through 2024. Educational Requirements:The typical entry level education for this occupation is a postsecondary non-degree award.

All data was gathered from the State of Oregon Employment Department
Data provided for paramedic position. For a different employment forecast, visit the State of Oregon Employment Department.
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Program Advisor

Emergency Medical Services Advisor
Kasey Lanning
EMS Program Lead

What is required to join the KCC EMT program?

     Prior to acceptance into the Klamath Community College EMT course, a student must complete the following:
  1. Fill out the “Select Program Application” on the KCC website.
  2. Fill out a FAFSA, listing Klamath Community College as his/her school.
  3. Both credit and non-credit students will need to complete a COMPASS Placement Test. Results of the test will be given to the EMS Program Manager to place in their Student EMT file and the student will be advised from either the Program Manager or the instructor if they will need to do any remediation.
  4. If the student desires to have credits from prior EMT courses applied to their certification process, he/she must supply official transcripts. If not, transcripts are not required.
  5. Provide a copy of a current American Heart Association (AHA) Healthcare Provider Card.
  6. Provide original records of the following immunizations and complete a Certificate of Immunization Status for Colleges & Universities form:
    1. Tetanus (within last five years)
    2. Tuberculosis (TB, within last six months)
    3. Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR, proof it was given 2x)
    4. Vericella (Chicken Pox)
    5. Provide proof of one:
      1.  2x vaccinations
      2. Positive Antibody Titer (lab report required)
      3. Medically-documented proof of past infection
    6.  Hepatitis B (within last two years) Provide proof of one:
      1. 1x immunization
      2. Hepatitis B Titer 7 – (If applicable)
  7. Sign and complete exemption on back of Oregon Certificate of Immunization Status for Colleges & Universities form in lieu of 6 – above.
  8. Complete KCC EMT (Credit & Non-Credit) Course Application, attach items 5-8, and return to Admissions Office for acceptance.

Want to go further? 

Once you complete your associate’s degree from KCC you can transfer to a university to obtain a paramedic license or pursue other medical fields.