Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

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Entry Level Educational Requirements:
Entry Level Education Requirements

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State of Oregon Employment Department
Data provided for a law enforcement position. For a different career forecast, visit the State of Oregon Employment Department.
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Q & A 

What will I learn in this program?

In the criminal justice program you will learn the basics of the criminal justice system, how it works, historical perspectives, current affairs plus various other aspects that creates the entire global system. We offer classes that focus on police dynamics, correctional systems, correctional interventions, substance abuse, psychological theory, ethical expectations, certification standards, teamwork, communications and many others. KCC also offers specific AAS degrees in criminal austice, plus certificates in addiction studies, criminal justice certificate and a pathways certificate in addiction studies.

Is this program just for those who want to become law enforcement officers?

The answer is “No.” While the criminal justice program has a path that is geared towards those who want a career in law enforcement, the core elements of the criminal justice program offer the foundation to work in the criminal justice system and to pursue advanced degrees in related fields (law school, bachelor's degrees in criminal justice, psychology degrees, etc.). The criminal justice system is huge and the career opportunities are plentiful.

How accurate are shows like CSI?

Not really accurate at all. According to How Stuff Works, there is quite a bit of inaccuracy in the show. In reality, investigations and processing evidence take quite a bit longer than Hollywood makes it seem. Also crime scene investigators do not deal directly with suspects, and CSIs are only one part of a larger investigatory team.
Program Advisor
Jim Gravley
Criminal Justice Program Lead
7390 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97603