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How to Get a GED

Know the Exam Topics

If you are preparing to take the General Educational Development test, you are required to take the time necessary to prepare adequately. There are five topics you will have to understand. It is important that you understand the concepts of these topics very well to pass the exam. These topics are reading, writing, social studies, science, and mathematics.


The reading section is 65 minutes long, and you have to answer 40 multiple-choice questions. The purpose of this section is to measure your comprehension of fiction and nonfiction passages. 25% of the passages are nonfiction and deal with topics regarding business and workplace situations. The other 75% of the reading section contains fictional passages from some selections in literature.


There are two parts to the writing section of the General Educational Development. The first part is 75 minutes long and involves reading passages and answering 50 multiple choice questions. These questions cover the four writing components: usage, mechanics, sentence structure, and organization. The second part is 45 minutes long, and it involves writing an essay on your point of view in regard to a specific topic that you should be familiar with.

Social Studies

The social studies section is 70 minutes long and has 50 multiple-choice questions. The purpose of this section is to test whether or not you are able to understand the information provided by documents in the exam as well as test your knowledge of the section's subject. There will be questions about geography, history, civics, government, and economics. It will cover the history of the United States and the world. If you are taking the General Educational Development in Canada, you will be tested on Canadian history instead of U.S. history.


For the science section, you have 80 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. The topics covered on the exam are chemistry, physics, life science, and earth and space science. The questions on this section of the exam will focus on your understanding of these science topics as well as vocabulary. You will also have to analyze scientific charts, graphs, tables, and diagrams in the exam.


The mathematics section has 50 questions that cover algebra, geometry, number theory, statistics, and data analysis. The section is divided into two segments. Each segment is 45 minutes long. During the first segment, you can use an approved calculator. You cannot use a calculator in the second segment. 20% of the mathematics section involves labeling graphs and writing your answers out. The other 80% of the section are multiple-choice questions. You will have to answer word problems and interpret the information provided by graphs, charts, and tables.

Take Multiple Practice Tests

Practice tests are great for familiarizing yourself with the General Educational Development test. You can figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. If you decide to take multiple practice tests throughout the weeks or months you have set aside to study, it can help you see how you are progressing. The GED Ready is the official General Educational Development practice test.

The GED Ready

The purpose of the General Educational Development Ready is to help you figure out if you are ready to take the test. You can take practice tests for all the sections of the regular test. Some states require taking these practice tests and passing them before being able to take the test. So, check to see if your state has this requirement.

Benefits of These Practice Tests

The General Educational Development Ready can help you become familiar with the format of the test. People who take these practice tests have a higher success rate in passing the test than others that don't. The practice tests can also save you money because they reduce your chance of having to retake the test. With the General Educational Development Ready, you get your scores back the same day so you know your weak points. These practice tests are half the length of the sections in the regular test. You can register for these practice tests at Ged.com. Community colleges and adult education centers usually offer these practice tests. Each of the practice tests is $6. In some places, you can take them for free.

Select Your Test Date

You have to register for the test ahead of time and pay online. There is no restriction about when you can take the test. So, pick a day that is most suitable for you and that you feel you will be most prepared. You can take each section separately or at the same time.

Take the Test

Get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy meal before going for your test. Check the location of where the test will be taken ahead of time so you aren't late. Make sure you know the rules for taking the test. Bring a snack for break time.

The Wrap Up

Taking the General Educational Development test requires lots of preparation. It requires knowing what is on the test, studying, and taking practice tests. You can also take courses to prepare for the exam. Klamath Community College offers classes you can take for GED Oregon. These courses will help you feel better prepared for GED Oregon.

Posted: 8/18/2021 5:20:08 PM