KCC Apprenticeship Center

KCC Apprenticeship Center

Render of the KCC Apprenticeship Center

Coming 2022!

The Apprenticeship Center at KCC will expand and improve the quality of existing programs, such as fire science; welding; and electrical, plumbing, and industrial apprenticeship programs.

Constructing a trade training center

The flex-lab shop space will also allow KCC to establish pre-apprenticeship programming in coordination with local high schools.

The building will provide space for KCC to create new trade-related programs, such as carpentry, sheet metal fabrication; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); and basic pre-construction skills.

A burning need

Oregon is struggling to fill the need for local firefighters, especially in rural areas. KCC’s goals are to expand the College’s ability to serve workforce needs within the community, ensuring that students have hands-on, contextual learning opportunities.

Many workers now come from outside the area - making money in the community but spending it outside the Basin.The Apprenticeship Center and Fire Academy will encourage more of the Klamath Basin fire workforce to learn in, live in, and stay in the community.