New faculty orientation

The CTL Team meets with 100% of new faculty members at KCC. Along with individualized training, the CTL provides several resources to help instructors get started on their new journey.
  • Describe Klamath Community College and the surrounding community.
  • Review new employee resources.
  • Meet with KCC employees, including Human Resources, the Center for Teaching and Learning, Facilities, Academic Affairs, and Information Services.
All new employees (faculty, adjuncts & teacher/lab assistants), are required to complete orientation before teaching or starting work.
  1. Read the new employee welcome messages:
  2. Register for mandatory faculty training.
  3. Register for Canvas faculty training.
  4. Meet with Human Resources:
    • Active shooter class sign up,
    • Alarm code and operation (if applicable),
    • Business cards,
    • Campus emergency operation procedures,
    • E2 Campus notification cell phone sign up (to receive emergency texts),
    • Evacuation and assembly overview,
    • First aid and AED locations,
    • Forms and handouts,
    • Klamath Community College ID key card,
    • Name tags.
  5. Meet with the Center for Teaching and Learning:
    • Logging into SharePoint,
    • Mandatory workshop schedule,
    • Outlook training,
    • Receive copy code,
    • Meet with LMS Administrator and Instructional Designer:
      • Canvas training,
      • Course design,
      • Course learning outcome assessment report information,
      • Syllabus procedure.
  6. Meet with Facilities:
    • Nameplate for office (if applicable),
    • Office key (if applicable).
  7. Meet with Academic Affairs:
    • Meet with assigned Dean,
    • Meet with department head,
    • Meet with the Learning Resource Center director,
    • Put in textbook order.
  8. Meet with Information Services (IS):
    • Additional log-in Information,
    • Log into office computer (if applicable),
    • Set up voicemail,
    • Sign KCC remote access procedure (if applicable).
  9. Contact IS HelpDesk to set up your employee email.
  10. Review the information in the New Faculty Guidebook.
  11. Complete orientation survey.