DMD Bookstore Design Contest

The KCC Bookstore is looking to create a new graphic image or emblem for some of the merchandise it offers.

This is a chance for you to flex your digital graphic skills and have your artwork displayed on school merchandise. If you are not sure of what we are talking about, visit the school bookstore and check out some of the clothes and other merchandise they sell, talk to Carly Gilder, the Bookstore Manager and get some ideas.

This contest will be multi-phased, with the summer event being for DMD students only. Submissions must be in by August 5, 2022. The participants will be displayed in the Bookstore from August 15, and the finalists will be announced on August 20, 2022.

Phase two will begin Fall Semester 2022 and will have a few twists.
  • The contest will be opened to all KCC Students and sent down to local High Schools to challenge what the DMD finalists have produced.
  • Freehand artists can participate but must have their artwork digitized. This means freehand artists will need to have a volunteer DMD student help them with converting their artwork to a digital format capable of web display, and print. This will be a valuable experience for the future in working with clients who need their work converted to digital media.
Whether you want to compete in the graphic contest or get some experience working with a client artist, there is something for everyone here to gain.

Because this contest is representative of the school, access to KCC’s Branding Book will be made available. A branding book is an organization's marketing guideline for its brand. It covers everything from colors to fonts and what you can and cannot do with imagery.

A copy of this can be obtained via an email to with the subject line "Branding Book."

For more information contact Chris Ward (DMD TA/RA) at  or speak with Carly Gilder in the KCC Bookstore.