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Practical Nursing

The Practical Nursing (PN) Certificate Program is a competitive program and not all applicants are admitted. Program completion will lead to a certificate in Practical Nursing which meets the educational requirements for the national exam for PN licensure (NCLEX-PN).

In addition to the academic requirements, there are several non- academic components to the application process. A criminal background check and urine drug screen is required before acceptance into the Program. Interested students should talk to an advisor as early as possible.

Program Requirements

Applications are taken annually during winter term for admission into the Program which starts spring term. The deadline for submitting application material and completing the required Phase I preadmission can be found at KCC’s website, www. klamathcc.edu.

Interested students may view detailed information on KCC website or attend the Practical Nursing Admissions Information sessions. Refer to the KCC website for exact dates of these information sessions.

Prerequisite courses must be completed with a score of “C” or better to be eligible. For courses graded as pass/no pass, a pass must be equivalent to a “C”. If a course is repeated, only the most recent grade will be considered for the selection process. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required and students must be in good standing (not on academic warning or probation) to be eligible.

Students enrolled in required preparatory courses during the application process are required to complete those courses with a “C” or better to retain acceptance and enter the core nursing courses in spring term.

Note: Midterm scores may be considered in the application process as indicators of a likelihood of successful completion. Students may be enrolled in BIO 233 in Winter term. The same grade expectations will apply.

If an applicant has taken an equivalent course with a different course number, title, or credit hour at another college, s/he must contact the Registrar for a transcript analysis as far in advance of the application deadline as possible. Student Services will not perform on the spot transcript analysis. Students must follow college transcript evaluation procedures at least two weeks prior to filling out the initial application with student services.

Academic Program Requirements

Candidates for the program must satisfactorily complete all requirements, including a minimum of 81 credits. Of this total, 17 credits are considered Preparatory classes and 40 credits are Core Nursing classes.

Preadmission Required Courses

These courses are not a part of the credits which apply toward the PN Certificate of Completion, but are required for admission to the PN program. Phase I of the Admission Process requires successful completion of all Preadmission courses prior to applying for the program.

BIO 231 -Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO 232 - Anatomy & Physiology II 4
MDA 101 - Medical Terminology I 3
MTH 095 - Intermediate Algebra 4


  1. If you do not have an Oregon CNA certificate, you will need to take a Nursing Assistant course and pass the OSBN CNA certification exam and produce proof of OSBN certification. This will increase the time needed to complete this program.
  2. If you have not placed into MTH 095, you will need to take the math course sequence to enter into MTH 095 and complete with a “C” or better. This will increase the time needed to complete this program.
  3. If you have not placed into WRI 121, you will need to take the writing course sequence to enter into WRI 121 and complete with a “C” or better. This will increase the time needed to complete this program.

Required Preparatory Courses

These courses count toward and are part of the PN Certificate program. Students may be enrolled in these courses during Winter Term of the application process*, but must pass each course with a minimum grade of “C” at the end of Winter term to be granted full program acceptance.

* Midterm scores may be considered in the application process


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