Badger to Owl Connection

Thanks to an innovative program called Badger to Owl Connection, KCC graduates may qualify for tuition waivers for two terms at Oregon Tech.


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Program Information

The Badger to Owl Connection (B2O) is a new program designed to promote college access, affordability, and bachelor's degree completion for more students earn an accelerated associate degree at KCC, followed by a bachelor's degree at Oregon Tech.

What’s unique about this program are the supports and financial incentives to help students pay for college and complete a bachelor's degree. Students who meet the required Badger to Owl Connection criteria will earn a first term tuition waiver at Oregon Tech, up to 15 credits of tuition value, and a last term (prior to graduation) tuition remission waiver at Oregon Tech, up to 15 credits of value.

OIT Transfer Students

If you are planning to transfer to OIT in fall, be sure to apply to OIT on or before March 1 of the current academic year, to receive full scholarship consideration. Transfer students admitted after August 15 will not be considered for scholarships. Awards may vary depending on the level of academic achievement, academic standing, major, and financial need.

 Visit with a KCC student success representative to learn more or complete a Badger to Owl application and personal success plan for completing an associate and bachelor's degree.

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