Administrative Services

Founders Hall Commencement Lawn

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• Ensures the safety of all individuals on campus.
• Secures the fiscal and financial integrity of the institution.
• Stewards the property and other physical assets of the institution.
• Serves students and staff in retail-like functions of food service, books and supplies.
• Prepares for future physical needs of the College through facilities and resource planning.
• Integrates our operations with the needs of Klamath and Lake County.


• Improve KCC Bookstore access to materials that students use for success in a variety of formats.
• Optimize student access to food services across campus.
• Improve student awareness of and access to a variety of healthier food options.
• Improve quality of customer service via professional trainings.
• Improved institutional excellence, ensuring retention of deep knowledge base by succession planning.
• Improve operational efficiency through cross trainings.
• Improve campus security and safety systems.
• Work with local agencies in developing contingency and emergency response plans and conducting simulation trainings.
• Develop or update internal procedure and training manuals.
• Utilize expert in-house capabilities vs. contracting services.
• Improve profitability via a variety of cost-efficiency measures.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR)