Institutional Assessment

Providing students quality education and services is the core of KCC’s mission

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, our regional accreditor, provides standards for our continuous improvement.

Institutional assessment involves assessing academic programs and disciplines, as well as non-academic programs that provide student services. Resulting high-quality assessment data is used for curriculum, budgeting, or strategic planning at the discipline, program, and institutional level to improve student learning and success.
Career Technical Center
Assessing practices that impact quality education, training, and student supports allows KCC to continually improve. Reliable data is crucial to show and to assure we are meeting our mission and that services and programs are continuously improving.

According to assessment experts Trudy Banta, Karen Black, Susan Kahn, and Julia Jackson, a successful assessment process does the following:
  • Produces credible evidence of learning and organizational effectiveness.
  • Ensures that assessment data are used to improve programs and services.
  • Provides a vehicle for demonstrating accountability to stakeholders. 
  • Encompasses the expectation that outcomes assessment will be ongoing, not episodic.
  • Incorporates ongoing evaluation and improvement of the assessment process itself.