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What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is financial support awarded to a student based on academic achievement or other criteria, like financial need, for the purpose of paying for education.


What scholarships or student supports does the KCC Foundation offer?


Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are awarded offered twice a year for Credit Based Academic classes leading to a certificate or degree. Academic scholarships may have specific requirements like GPA levels, past performance information, or past program attendance. Applicants must be FAFSA eligible to apply.

Education Access & Opportunity (EAO) Scholarship

The EAO scholarships support students taking non-credit education courses like General Equivalency Diploma (GED), English as a Second Language (ESL), Workforce Trainings (Construction Basics, Phlebotomy, Certified Medical Assistant, etc.), Registered Apprenticeships, or credit academic students who are not FAFSA eligible.

Emergency Student Support Grants

Emergency Student Support Grants helps students with an exceptional and/or compelling need from missing school or failing a class. Some reasons these grants are dispersed are: needing a textbook, needing specific technology, transportation or fuel assistance, childcare assistance, housing insecurity, paying utilities, and food insecurity. Students are limited to $250 in a program year.

Directed scholarships

Directed scholarships allow donors to choose specific academic or training programs to support. Programs can be for credit or non-credit. Directed scholarship donors will be contacted by Foundation staff to set up specifics.

General Contribution

Contributions to this fund are divided between Academic Scholarships (70%), EAO Scholarships (15%), and Emergency Student Support Grants (15%).

Note: An administrative fee of 5% will be assessed on each monetary contribution to any of the scholarship funds at the time the donation is contributed, or at the time a non-monetary donation becomes monetary, unless otherwise waived by the Foundation. 3% of this contribution fee shall be placed in the Foundation General Fund to apply to 501(c)3 operating costs. The remaining 2% of the contribution fee shall be placed in the Foundation's established KCC Endowment Fund.