Report an Injury/Accident

Please call 911 if an emergency exists. Injuries and accidents that occur on the KCC campus should be reported as soon as possible. To report an injury or accident, fill out an Injury/Accident Report using the links in the resource box to the right. Fill out the form to the best of your recollection of the injury or accident.
Once the online form is complete, submit the form and a copy will be sent to the Facilities Director, Campus Safety Coordinator, Human Resources Director, and Vice President of Administrative Services. Deliver hard copies to the Campus Safety Coordinator in Building 3.
If you are a KCC employee, contact Human Resources immediately after submitting the form.
All submitted injury/accident reports will be followed by an investigation. 
If you have further questions, contact the Campus Safety Coordinator by phone at 541-880-2314 or by email at

Injury or Accident Form