Note: The AELI is currently unable to enroll F-1 and M-1 International Students.

The AELI is part of Klamath Community College (KCC), a community-oriented rural college with a student-centered mission. KCC is located in Klamath Falls, voted one of the world's top destinations and a unique place to study and experience American culture.

The AELI offers postsecondary intensive instruction in many areas of English language preparation. Your learning is supported by various student services, such as the Learning Resource Center, Tutoring Center, Conversation Partner Program, and our Academic Advising Center. Our Student Life team also organizes fun activities to ensure you are able to enjoy everything the area has to offer while making new friends and life-long connections.

The AELI is also ideal for students who want to study for a degree. All AELI graduates are guaranteed admission to KCC and can choose from over 100 degree options. In addition, KCC has transfer agreements with some of the top universities in the United States allowing students to save as much as $61,000 USD on the cost of their education.

English language and culture programs can be tailored to meet the needs of educational institutions, businesses, and government sponsoring agencies. Regularly enrolled KCC students who feel a need for additional language study may enroll part-time in AELI as well.


AELI’s mission is to equip its students with the English proficiency, academic skills, and cultural knowledge necessary to achieve success at Klamath Community College, or any American institution of higher education.