Resources for Support

Campus Resources

Counseling and Student Support Services:

KCC provides free counseling and student support services to students who need extra support. Students sometimes get overwhelmed with balancing life and school, and a support specialist or counselor can help provide options and support for success. Help is available for test anxiety, school stress, home stress, and whatever else may be challenging a student's academic or personal success. Students interested in finding out more about this resource or who would like to make an appointment can email or call the student support specialist at 541-880-2283.

Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination (Title IX):

Title IX provides protection against gender-based discrimination. Klamath Community College is committed to creating a learning and working environment that ensures equal access and opportunity to education and resources for all students, free of bias, discrimination, and harassment. This includes:

  • Sexual assault/misconduct
  • Sexual harassment
  • Domestic and dating violence
  • Stalking
  • Gender discrimination (including gender-based bullying)
  • Discrimination against pregnant and parenting students
  • Hazing
  • Retaliation against reporters of any of the above

KCC understands that sexual violence can undermine students’ academic success, and we encourage students who have experienced any form of sexual misconduct or discrimination to  get the support they need by talking to someone about their experience.

If you have experienced or observed sexual violence/assault, harassment, or discrimination of any kind, you can make a report  here, or you may contact the Manager of Human Resources at

Student Benefits Navigator
The Benefits Navigator provides support and assistance to KCC students to address non-academic issues that can prevent degree completion including but not limited to:
  • food and housing insecurity,
  • mental and emotional health,
  • physical health,
  • childcare issues,
  • and flexible employment opportunities.

The Community Resource Benefits Navigator will coordinate a wide range of resources, assist students in evaluating and addressing their specific barriers, and ensure students are aware of all the available resources and benefits, including:
  • Referring students to on-campus resources.
  • Referring students to external partners.
  • Connecting students to local, state, and federal benefits and resources by
    • Determining eligibility,
    • Assisting students with the application process,
    • Ensuring students maximize available resources and benefits.
Learn more here.

Local Resources

Interactive Search for Resources:

If you'd like to search for local resources by type of need, please click HERE  for 211info. It's an easy, interactive tool to help you connect with the right resources for you.

The Klamath Falls city website also lists a directory of available resources, click HERE for more information.

24-Hour Crisis Lines:

Klamath Crisis Center (24 hour crisis line, open seven days a week): 541-884-0390
Rape Line (24 hour rape line - seven days a week): 541-883-RAPE
   ~ In-person responses available


Free counseling for KCC students on campus: call the Counseling Office at  541-880-2283
Klamath Basin Behavioral Health: 541-883-1030
Lutheran Community Services: 541-883-3471
Place2Heal Counseling Services: 541-851-3300


Gospel Mission: 541-882-4895
Marta's House: 541-884-0390


Gospel Mission (hot meals, shelter, clothes): 541-882-4895

Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank (emergency food assistance): 541-882-1223

Salvation Army Food Pantry: 541-882-5280
Food Stamps (DHS Self Sufficiency): 541-883-5511
WIC (nutritional help for moms and children): 541-883-4276

Housing Assistance:

Klamath Housing Authority (utilities & rental assistance): 541-884-0649
Tribal (low rent, weatherization): 541-783-2219, ext. 163

National Resources


Sexual Assault Resources:

Know Your IX (Title IX Info)
It's On Us Campaign

Violence on Campus Resources:

Clery Center.Org for Security on Campus

Office of Civil Rights

Discrimination Resources:

What is Discrimination? An explanation & overview on