Community Resource Benefits Navigator

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Our goal is to provide support and assistance to KCC students to address non-academic issues that can prevent degree completion including but not limited to:
  • food insecurity,
  • shelter and low-rent housiing search,
  • mental and emotional health,
  • parenting and childcare services,
  • as well as other financial support resources.

The Community Resource Benefits Navigator will coordinate a wide range of resources, assist students in evaluating and addressing their specific barriers, and ensure students are aware of all the available resources and benefits, including:
  • Referring students to on-campus resources.
  • Referring students to external partners.
  • Connecting students to local, state, and federal benefits and resources by
    • Determining eligibility,
    • Assisting students with the application process,
    • Ensuring students maximize available resources and benefits.

Community Resources

For more information contact

Alana Strickland
Community Resource Benefits Navigator
Building 4 Room 414