Foundation Scholarships and Grants

Klamath Community College – Student Emergency Grant Program
The purpose of the Student Emergency Grant Program is to provide timely financial assistance to a student who is facing compelling circumstances that may put them at risk of missing school or failing a class for one (or more) of the following reasons:
  • Not having a textbook
  • Lacking dependable transportation
  • Needing assistance with childcare
  • Currently (or at imminent risk to become) homeless
  • Unable to pay utilities
  • Without money to purchase food
As part of KCC’s Keep Students Connected response to the current COVID-19 emergency, some emergency grant eligibility rules have been changed or expanded during Spring Term 2020.
For Spring Term 2020 the grant funds can also be used for:
  • Internet connectivity at home
  • Technology hardware (such as an inexpensive laptop or tablet to access distance education programming)
  • Deadline to apply for the KCC Keep Students Connected grant is Friday, May 22, 2020.

A student emergency grant is not expected to be paid back to the College. Every effort will be made to assist the student with identifying resources and options for a long-term, sustainable solution. However in case of an unexpected crisis, the student may apply for a student emergency grant. To be eligible, the student:
  • Must be currently enrolled at Klamath Community College during the term in which the grant request is made;
  • May apply for emergency grant funding more than once, but each student is limited to a maximum total amount of $250 per academic year (with summer as the first term, and spring as the last term of the year).* This amount has been increased to $500 for Spring Term 2020.
To submit an application for emergency funds:
  1. The student must complete the online application form, and click the "submit" button. The application will be sent via email to the review team.
  2. The student will be contacted by a member of the review team to set up a meeting to review the application, discuss all available resources for support, and verify the amount of funding needed. (In an effort to fast track the process, this may not apply to all emergency grants during the Spring Term 2020). 
  3. The review team will make a recommendation to the Foundation, for approval by the executive foundation director and the Foundation chair.
  4. Once approved, the Foundation administrator will work with the KCC Business Office to get a check cut for the vendor or student.
  5. Whenever possible payments will be made directly to vendors. If a check is cut to the student he/she will be notified when the check is ready (usually within 24 hours of approval), and can pick up the check at the Cashier window in Founders Hall.

Questions about the funding process may be directed to Patti Springer at 541-880-2234 or