Safe Campus

Klamath Community College is committed to student success and cultivating positive working and social relations among diverse groups on campus.  Through such programs as Safe Campus, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment that allows everyone to feel like they belong and are welcomed, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, ability or socio-economic status.

Safe Campus is a shared vision and a collaborative effort by KCC's administrators, staff, faculty and students. The KCC community has a right to a safe campus, free of discrimination and violence. While our focus is on academic achievement, building and supporting an inclusive community that encourages personal growth and mutual awareness and respect is a top priority.

Our Objectives

  • To support a safe, secure environment that promotes inclusiveness
  • To cultivate open dialogue, appreciation of diversity, and understanding
  • To combat prejudice and promote equality
  • To provide education, facilitation and resources
  • To serve as an advocate for those alienated and marginalized by society



The Safe Campus initiative is coordinated by Joseph Maurer, the Director of Title IX and Student Conduct.  Joseph may be contacted at 541-880-2364, or by email at or

Campus Safety Specialist Dennis Narron can be contacted at 541-880-2314 or 541-274-1435. You can contact Campus Safety via email at

Facilities Director Mike Homfeldt can be contacted at 541-880-2244 or by email at

For more information and resources regarding safety on campus, please see the Campus Safety Office webpage here

Speak Out!

If you have experienced or observed sexual violence/assault, harassment, or discrimination of any kind, you can make a report here, or you may contact the Director of Title IX and Student Conduct at 541-880-2364 or

24-Hour Crisis Line: students are encouraged to contact the Klamath Crisis Center at 541-884-0390 for support and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information on local and national resources related to sexual assault and discrimination, see the Resources for Support page.

Together, let's create a SAFE CAMPUS at KCC!
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