Report an Incident/Complaint


Klamath Community College utilizes a One Policy, One Process approach for the reporting of incidents or complaints. This means that the same form and process is available for students, employees and community members to initiate an investigation and response into an incident or issue.

Incidents of discrimination, harassment or assault should be reported as soon as possible via the link/form in the resource box to the right, or by contacting Joseph Maurer, Director of Title IX and Student Conduct, via one of the following:

Once submitted, the information will be reviewed by the Director of Title IX and Student Conduct in order to determine the most appropriate next steps, which may include referral of the complaint to another office such as Human Resources or an Academic Dean as appropriate.

For more minor difficulties, Klamath Community College encourages individuals to resolve conflicts or concerns at the lowest, most direct level, as this is good practice for work and life. We encourage the use of open and honest communication, following the Student Code of Conduct, to promote a safe learning environment.

When faced with a disagreement or conflict, attempt to discuss the matter first directly with the individual (except in cases of sexual misconduct).  If the matter is not resolved from that effort, then speak with the individual's immediate supervisor (if the issue is with a College employee), or seek a mediator (if the issue is with another student) such as a faculty member, advisor or campus counselor.

If the matter still cannot be resolved and you wish to submit a formal complaint, you may do so with the Campus Incident/Complaint Reporting Form in the resource box above.

In the event that direct resolution and/or communication is not an option, or poses an immediate threat, complete a Campus Incident/Complaint Reporting Form. The form can be submitted online, or turned in to the Front Desk Receptionist in the lobby of Building 3.

Submit an incident report/complaint:

To report an incident or complaint, submit the form online via the link below, or download the form, fill it out and return it to the receptionist in building 3. Reports may be submitted anonymously.

Campus Incident/Complaint Reporting Form: