Badger to Owl Connection

Thanks to an innovative program called Badger to Owl Connection, KCC graduates may qualify for tuition waivers for two terms at Oregon Tech.

Program Information

The Badger to Owl Connection (B2O) is a new program designed to promote college access, affordability, and bachelor's degree completion for more students earn an accelerated associate degree at KCC, followed by a bachelor's degree at Oregon Tech.

What’s unique about this program are the supports and financial incentives to help students pay for college and complete a bachelor's degree. Students who meet the required Badger to Owl Connection criteria will earn a first term tuition waiver at Oregon Tech, up to 15 credits of tuition value, and a last term (prior to graduation) tuition remission waiver at Oregon Tech, up to 15 credits of value.

OIT Transfer Students

If you are planning to transfer to OIT fall 2022, be sure to apply to OIT on or before March 1, 2022, to receive full scholarship consideration. The deadline for full scholarship consideration for Fall 2021 has already passed. Transfer students admitted after Aug. 15 will not be considered for scholarships. Awards may vary depending on the level of academic achievement, academic standing, major, and financial need.
 Visit with a KCC student success representative to learn more or complete a Badger to Owl application and personal success plan for completing an associate and bachelor's degree.

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Program Criteria

+ What are the requirements?
Participating students must pursue a KCC associate degree in the B2O program with the plan to transfer to Oregon Tech to earn a bachelor degree.

Participating students must complete an associate degree within eight consecutive quarter terms (including summer term). One extra term waiver is granted for exceptional circumstances.

Participating students must transfer with a cumulative 3.0 GPA to Oregon Tech.
+ Who is eligible?
Participating students must complete a B2O application either online or in-person indicating their interest in the program, a personal success plan for completing an associate and bachelor degree, and their ultimate career interest upon degree completion. No minimum high school GPA is required for entering B2O; however, selected students must be deemed to have the “ability to benefit” from this program based on academic history and/or ability, expressed desire/motivation to succeed, references, and work or other extra-curricular experience.
+ What is the procedure?
Contact a KCC student service representative at 541-882-3521 or the Oregon Tech Admissions Office at 541-885-1150 for more information.
+ I'm a transfer student. Can I enroll in the B2O program?
Absolutely! Transfer students can enroll in the B2O program.
+ When does the B2O program start?
B2O cohorts start the fall term of each year, with the first pilot cohort to start in the fall of 2019.
+ Are there scholarships available for the B2O program?
Participating students may utilize KCC scholarships, the Oregon Promise, the KCC "15-to-Finish" program, or other earned scholarships to pay for an associate degree at KCC.

Once at Oregon Tech, students may apply for other scholarships along with the B2O first and last term remissions, to help pay for a bachelor degree at Oregon Tech. B2O cannot be received in addition to the Oregon Tech GPA scholarships. The value of the B2O is greater than the GPA scholarships.

To be eligible for the Oregon Tech B2O tuition remission waivers, participating students must complete an associate degree at KCC before transferring to Oregon Tech.