Student Affairs

Welcome to KCC! This special community of hard-working students, faculty, and staff have come together to improve lives and the greater Basin area. Through training and education, you’re in the best place to grow intellectually, develop professionally, and empower your future.

From admissions to completion, Student Affairs is here to help you achieve your dreams and open doors to aspects of work and life that would not otherwise be available. Be sure to see the KCC Student Handbook for a full list of services available!

Some tips for success are:

  • Learn something new every day: Whether in the classroom or beyond, strive to grow intellectually at every opportunity.
  • Push your boundaries: In both your study habits and your comfort zone, embrace the challenge to grow personally.
  • Take responsibility: Be in charge of your education, and seek out the resources you need to succeed.
Need technological help?
Contact the Technology Help Desk.



  • Monday-Friday: 7am-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-2pm

Need general help?
Contact the Reception Desk.



  • Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

More Information

Information about appeal processes.

ASKCC advocates for the student body at local, state, and federal levels, creating opportunities for community engagement and providing access to resources based on individual and collective student needs.

Badger Venture is a competition to encourage KCC students to consider how a concept, prototype, or service might address a user-centered problem identified through team research.

Klamath Community College students ride BTS buses free, anywhere BTS goes, when they show a valid school identification card.

The KCC Bookstore stocks new and used textbooks, school and art supplies, KCC logo items, graduation regalia and an assortment of food and beverages.

The Career Services Center helps with career exploration and job search assistance, which empowers our students in making decisions, developing a plan and achieving a career goal.

Enrollment at KCC carries with it certain obligations and responsibilities that are respectful of the mission and functions of the College.

Information on reporting an incident or complaint

Find out more information about enrollment, financial aid, and continuing your college career.

KCC is authorized by the Oregon State Board of Education to provide approved academic programs (degrees and certificates)

KCC strives to ensure that all students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities.

ASKCC (your student government) and the Office of Student Life have partnered to create an on-campus food pantry to help provide support for students in need.

Information on how to appeal grade.

Can't log into your class? Pages won't print? Software giving you trouble? KCC offers on-site technical help for students at the Technology Help Desk.

The Learning Resource Center in includes the college’s library, tutoring center, & testing center.

Your destination for all personal finance questions

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for enrollment verification, academic records maintenance, and more.

The program allows students to earn an associate degree after having moved to another college.

View the currently scheduled courses.

Board Policies which govern Student Affairs. Answers to policy questions for Klamath Community College students are found here.

See a list of current student clubs and how to start a new club.

Find current student employment opportunities, and how to become a KCC student worker.

Informs students of their rights and responsibilities as well as providing other information.

Student Life promotes the development and success of our students.

KCC is commited to increasing student success. KCC is proud to become an Achieving the Dream institution.

Community resource numbers. Includes emergency numbers, food, clothing, medical, other types of assistance.

TRiO offers several educational opportunities, as well as cultural and career activities for high school and college students who are eligible. See what programs are offered.


Klamath Community College is soliciting applications to fill one (1) vacancy on the Budget Committee, with a term expiring on December 31, 2025.
Klamath Community College is pleased to announce the college has entered into a partnership with AmeriCorps and is now a member of the AmeriCorps Schools of National Service consortium.
Congratulations to all Fall Term 2021 honor roll students!

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