Klamath Center for Education and Training (K-CET)


New and Returning Students - Enroll without coming to campus!

Anyone who is interested in enrolling in GED or ESL classes can fill out and submit the online “Returning Student Enrollment" form, available in both English and Spanish. This will be used for new and returning students and can be found by following this link: https://mykcc.klamathcc.edu/ICS/Admissions/KCETGEDESL.jnz. If students do not remember or do not have a student ID, they should enter 000000. 

If additional help is needed, please call 541-880-2366.

K-CET Offers:

  • Adult GED Classes
  • GED Online
  • Adult ESL Classes


K-CET ABE/GED and ESL classes cost $30 per term, plus an annual one-time $5 fee for a student ID.  Student IDs allow access to all resources available to registered credit students, including free use of Basin Transit Service buses and other community discounts.

Meet our staff

Catherine Medina
Assistant Director K-CET

Deidre Crowell
K-CET Instructor

Joseph Long
K-CET Instructor

Nicole Mace
K-CET Instructor

Rebekah Dodson
K-CET Instructor

Tessa Gutierrez
HEP Coordinator

Fabiola Banuelos
Receptionist K-CET

Erin Szymoniak
Director of K-CET