English Skills, and Citizenship Preparation Information

ESL at Klamath Community College

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program at the Klamath Center for Education and Training (K-CET) is designed to help students from around the world improve their English language skills in reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, listening, and speaking. 

Classes are offered from Monday through Thursday from 9 am to noon and 5 pm to 8 pm. Classes are offered in a hybrid form, where students have the choice to attend classes in-person or through Zoom. 

Class fees

ESL classes cost $30 per term, plus an annual one-time $5 fee for a student ID. Student IDs allow access to all resources available to registered credit students, including free use of Basin Transit Service buses and other community discounts.

Register for ESL class

Ready to sign up for classes? All it takes are three easy steps:

Step 1:

Register for classes here.
Choose morning or evening classes.

Step 2:

Attend an orientation and take a pre-assessment.

Step 3:

Come to class in-person or via Zoom!