Resources for Support

Campus Resources

General Support:

If you would like assistance in determining what resources would be best to support your particular needs, and/or get help in connecting to resources, contact Joseph Maurer. Joseph is able to meet with you by appointment, or you can stop by Building 3 reception at any time to see if he is available to meet at that time.

Joseph Maurer, Director of Title IX & Student Conduct
Building 3, Room 324

Counseling Services:

KCC has a Summer Counselor on campus through the end of August.  Counseling services are FREE to any KCC student. You are welcome to call the Counseling office directly at 541-880-2283 to make an appointment, or speak with Joseph Maurer (contact info above) for assistance.

Local Resources

Interactive Search for Resources:

If you'd like to search for local resources by type of need, please click HERE for 211info.  It's an easy, interactive tool to help you connect with the right resources for you.

24-Hour Crisis Lines:

Klamath Crisis Center (24 hour crisis line - 7 days a week) 541-884-0390
Rape Line (24 hour rape line - 7 days a week) 541-883-RAPE
   ~In-person responses available


Free counseling for KCC students on campus: call the Counseling Office at 541-880-2283
Klamath Basin Behavioral Health 541-883-1030
Lutheran Community Services 541-883-3471


Gospel Mission 541-882-4895
Marta's House 541-884-0390


Gospel Mission (hot meals, shelter, clothes) 541-882-4895

Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank (emergency food assistance) 541-882-1223

Salvation Army Food Pantry 541-882-5280
Food Stamps (DHS Self Sufficiency) 541-883-5511
WIC (nutritional help for moms and children) 541-883-4276

Housing Assistance:

Klamath Housing Authority (utilities & rental assistance) 541-884-0649
Tribal (low rent, weatherization) 541-783-2219 ext. 163

National Resources


Sexual Assault Resources:

Know Your IX (Title IX Info)
Not Alone: Together Against Sexual Assault
It's On Us Campaign
2014 White House Report

Violence on Campus Resources:
Clery Center.Org for Security on Campus

Office of Civil Rights

Discrimination Resources:

What is Discrimination? An explanation & overview on