Klamath Center for Education and Training (K-CET)

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Welcome to the Klamath Center for Education and Training (K-CET). K-CET is an Adult Basic Education and GED test prep center specializing in preparing students to take GED tests and earn a GED certificate or improve their English Language skills. K-CET provides experienced and highly qualified instructors who lead face to face and online classes. Click on the links above to learn more about our program.

Erin Szymoniak
Erin Szymoniak
Director, Klamath Center for Education and Training (K-CET)
Klamath Community College 

Meet our K-CET staff

Erin Szymoniak
Hallie Williams
Assistant Director
GED Instructor
Joseph Long
GED/ESL Instructor
Nicole Mace
Online GED Instructor
Dr. Cassie DeFillipo
ESL Instructor
Ana Mercado Ratliff
KCET Instructor