Students' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Have a question? We probably have the answer. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions and our respective answers.
If we don't have an answer, please send an email with your question to: or fill out the form on the Center for Teaching and Learning's Support page. 

How can I get Technical Support?

Canvas Learning Management System:

If you are experiencing a Canvas technical issue, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning during the hours of 7:00am - 5:00pm (Monday - Friday), by email:, stop by Building 3, Room 350, or fill out the form on the CTL Support page.

After hours, click on the Help button in Canvas and contact Canvas Student Support or call them directly at: 1-844-348-0032

Technical Support:

Klamath Community College's Technology Help Desk is located in Building 6, fRoom 6134. Their hours are:

  • Monday - Friday: 7:00AM to 8:00PM
  • Saturday 10:00AM - 2:00PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Instructors are not responsible for providing technical support; however, you may want to inform your instructor if you are experiencing technical issues related to the course.


Should I take an Distance Education Course?

If you are unsure that you are prepared for a Distance Learning (online) course, Klamath Community College provides a short course to help you decide!

Being a Distance/Online Learner


Course Acronyms

Question:  What do the acronyms that I am seeing mean?

You may come across the following acroynms in the course schedule following the course reference number (CRN) e.g. BUS 178 01 DE, also you may find in the description **NC or **LC, so what do they mean?


Here are aconyms and what they mean: 

  • **NC - No cost textbooks and/or supplies
  • **LC - Low cost textbooks and/or supplies
  • DE - Distance Education: 
    • Instruction where the student interacts with the instructor and other students using Canvas. There are no meetings on campus, but completion of regular assignments with due dates is required. Lectures and other videos may be included on Canvas.
  • H - Hybrid
    • A hybrid course includes both contents delivered via Canvas and in-person instruction. All students in a hybrid course are required to complete the combination of remote and in-person activities as assigned.
  • HX - HyFlex
    • HyFlex courses include distance delivery and in-person instruction. Students choose how they participate in the course and engage with material in the way that works best for them from session to session. Completion of regular assignments with due dates is required. Lectures may be included and recorded.
  • L - Lab course 
    • This type of course is a lab co-requisite to the primary course.  
  • M - Courses that are intended for our students in the miltary, but any student can take them.
    • Courses that end with 'M" are different from other courses. 'M' classes are always worth (5) credits and they cover the same material as other courses with the same title and code. This extra credit hour cost means more coursework for the same material. There are no extra fees for 'M' courses, but they do cost more in tuition since tuition is charged per credit. Talk with your advisor since the credit difference since the credit difference may affect your financial aid and degree plan. 
  • Z - Common Course Numbering
    • In February 2023 the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) approved a set of 10 commonly numbered courses. KCC currently provides nine of these courses. When you see the letter 'Z' in the course code ending, that course will transfer with no loss of credit between Oregon's public universities or community colleges.  
      • KCC Common Courses ('Z' courses)
        • COM 111Z - Public Speaking
        • COM 218Z - Interpersonal Communication
        • MTH 105Z - Math in Society
        • MTH 111Z - Precalculus I: Functions
        • MTH 112Z - Precalculus II: Trigonometry
        • STA 243Z - Elementary Statistics I
        • WRI 121Z - Composition I
        • WRI 122Z - Composition II
        • WRI 227Z - Technical Writing

Is Course Attendance Mandatory?

Yes! You should try to attend all of your in-person courses and log into your course(s) in Canvas at least once per week. If you are enrolled in online courses, we recommend logging into Canvas daily. During the first week of the term, a student may be dropped from a class by the instructor for nonattendance OR failure to complete assignments. (View the KCC Institutional Syllabus for more information.)