TRiO Student Support Services

Are you...

Nervous about starting college?
Need help with scholarship applications?
Transferring to a university?

If so, TRiO Student Support Services can help!

Office Hours and Location

TRiO Student Support Services
Staff Hours

Monday - Friday
8 am – 5 pm

TRiO/SSS Program Location

Klamath Community College Founders Hall, room 9120
7390 South 6th Street
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

+ Services
TRiO offers a number of services that are available only to TRiO members. All of the services provided through the program are free. These services include:

Academic Support

  • Professional tutoring
  • Computers accessible only to TRiO students
  • Academic advising
  • Academic workshops such as learning strategies, exploring majors, calculator use, study skills
  • Transfer assistance

Personal Support

  • One-on-one support around issues affecting academic performance
  • Workshops on topics such as adjusting to college, stress management, and life after graduation
  • Peer support, guidance and community building

Financial Support

  • Workshops on managing finances and budgeting
  • FAFSA filing assistance
  • Financial literacy
  • Assistance with scholarship application and research

Cultural & Social Activities

  • Regular events provide an opportunity to connect with other program participants and to enhance cultural awareness. Some of the past events have been Shakespeare Festival, Linkville plays, etiquette dinner, and Ross Ragland events.
+ Eligibility

To be eligible for the TRiO program, students must meet at least ONE of these criteria:

  • Be a first generation college student (i.e. the parents or person that raised you does not have a bachelor’s degree) or,
  • Meet low-income eligibility criteria (as listed in the table below) or,
  • Have a documented disability

Because the number of students who can be accepted into the program is capped at 140, preference is given to students planning to transfer to a four-year university.

Click to view current low income levels
+ Values
Our mission at TRiO is to provide unique and personalized academic support services in an environment that empowers and inspires engaged learning so students can successfully reach their educational goals.

We accomplish our mission by working with students and for students — always operating with our core values at the forefront of all we do. Our values are:
  •     Honesty and integrity
  •     Building community
  •     Active learning
  •     Mutual responsibility
+ Apply Here

Apply online here.
+ Meet the Family
+ Additional Resources


Ready for Zero: This free website provides students with tools they can use to learn how to better manage and eliminate student loan debt.

The Project on Student Debt: The project on student debt provides students with a variety of facts and figures about student debt nationwide.


Klamath Community College scholarship Page: This page is updated often and displays local and national scholarships.

The Oregon Student Access Commission: This must-visit website provides information about applying for hundreds of scholarships in Oregon.

Budgeting for School

College Budgeting: How to save money in college. This website talks about budgeting, tracking spending, planning ahead and has links to scholarship, student loan information on consolidation and forgiveness.

Not sure how to handle your finances and student aid (grants, scholarships, loans, work-study) while you're in school?

Budget Recipes: This website lists quick and budget-friendly recipes for college students.

Salt Money: This is a website about financial literacy that KCC pays a membership fee for so all students have extra access to tools and information about budgeting, saving and more. They have a website and a blog you can follow.

Test Anxiety

This YouTube video provides tips for controlling test anxiety.

ETS Test Anxiety Guide.

Health and Wellness

101 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students.

Resumes and Interviews

The Visual Communication Guy: This website provides tips and tools for creating a visually stimulating resume.

College Transferring

The College Navigator website: This is a database where students can search for schools nationwide to find a program that fits their needs.

College Transfer: This website provides a broad overview of the transfer process and advice on each step of it.

Online Workshops

If you haven’t had time to attend in-person workshops about goal setting, stress management, developing critical reading skills, developing effective paragraphs, taking effective notes, writing an effective thesis statement, conquering test anxiety, goal setting and time management, and stress management, Austin Community College offers free online workshops. They are short and take approximately 10-30 minutes to complete, depending on the course. For more information or to take one of these workshops, go to

Meet Our Staff

Pam Silcox
Program assistant
Joel Belenfant
TRiO Advisor