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Business Administration AAS

Management, Marketing/Sales Chair:
Linda Davenport M.S. Management, B.S. Business Administration, Southern Oregon University

Accounting Advisor:
Katherine Hewitt

» Accounting Emphasis
» Accounting Emphasis (Online Option)
» Management Emphasis
» Management Emphasis (Online Option)

Two Year Associate of Applied Science Degree
The Business Administration - AAS degree is offered to students seeking employment in business and management occupations. The degree offers emphasis areas in Accounting, Management, or Marketing/Sales. Candidates for this degree must satisfactorily complete all the requirements of the degree including a minimum of 90 credits, 40 of which are in the General Education Component. The General Education requirement allows the flexibility to continue professional development later, by applying the basic skills gained to more in-depth study. One-year certificates are offered in Accounting, Management and Marketing/Sales. These programs may serve as a fast track leading to entrylevel employment or a ladder to the AAS in Business and Management.

Core Outcomes include: Development of the concepts, terminology, and critical thinking skills necessary to be effective in business.

This program focuses on the fundamental areas of business, including management, accounting, marketing, international business, finance, business law, economics, and use of computers in business operations. Theory and current trends are explored, and numerous opportunities exist for practical application of concepts to actual business situations. Business ethics and related implications are addressed throughout each course.

Successful pursuit of this degree requires students to possess collegiate skills in reading, communication, computation, and critical thinking. To acquire that competency, it is highly recommended that students complete pre-collegiate courses to gain these skills in the first terms of their program.

It is imperative that students interested in business and management occupations work closely with their academic advisor to create a plan that addresses their specific career interests. Advanced training may be required for certain occupations, and transfer degrees may be more appropriate for students intending to further their education beyond KCC.

Online Options
Beginning Fall Term 2013, students will have the option of completing this degree in a fully online format! For more information see the Business Administration Management Empahsis (Online option) or the Business Administration Accounting Empahsis (Online option) page for more information.

Business and Management - Certificate Programs

One-year certificates are offered in Accounting, Management, and Marketing/Sales. These programs may serve as a fast track to entry-level employment or a ladder to the AAS in Business and Management.

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